Don't tell Wes I'm blogging... I'd get scolded :) I'm at the library while he's workin & I've already written 5 pages in 2 hours and now have 5 more to write in 2.5...these last 5 will take a little more time & be harder though... It's for my emergency prep class! That class is amazing last week for 2.5 hrs we discussed 9/11 and this week we're spending 2.5 hrs on the Rwandan war....you know...Hotel Rwanda... The scenario is embarrassing for the U.S. leaders of that era...Clinton, was it? But, if you haven't seen the movie, do it. You'll wanna be cuddled up with a box of Kleenex's and a buddy, and if you haven't seen the BYU forum where Paul Rusesabagina came and spoke to us my Freshman year... Check out the news release here. Anyway. I just needed a brain-break. So I thought I'd put some more pictures up here to support those blog readers that might have been doubting my blogging since the marriage!
Here's my cute little husband walkin in the door from work from Malawi's pizza up in the Riverwoods. He's a cook there! I am proud to say my honey made one of their advertisement pasta's! It's sad that he shows me up in cooking...but he never complains and always finishes off all the meals! He was a good sport and let me take this picture of him when he woke up Saturday morning...hahahah This kid's hair gets in a fight with the bed every night....his hair always loses. He gets nap-hair too. It rocks. I love the sleepy eyes & face. He's hilarious.It's such a blessing to live so close to our church's headquarters! I have the blessing that I have never had of living close enough to the Conference center to be able to attend General conference without driving for 2 days to get to it. I love going to General Conference, I love listening to General conference & I love getting to sit next to my husband & getting to discuss it with him afterwards. This is something I won't be able to do for upcoming April's session.
Don't know what General Conference is? Check it out here.
Wes & I in front of the Salt Lake Temple where we were sealed for eternity a month before.
Wes & I in front of the Conference Center with all the little ant people above!
Cute husband is happy after his belly is full of Panda!
Sunday morning we got up bright & early to head down to Loa & Bicknell to visit the in-laws & grandparents! The Geo's driver's window doesn't roll up & doesn't stay up. So we decided to pry it up with our wrench before the 3-hour/per-one-way drive down south so we didn't have to listen to even more of the interstate on our way!

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