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So, Wes has been researching law schools & deciding which one he's going to want to attend.
I am so very excited for him to do it. He loves law, he loves the whole history of the U.S. he wants to be a criminal prosecutor & I know he'll do a great job. He's been at the law fair today & I hope it's been a good one for him. He's been looking into law schools that have the emphasis of National Security that he is interested in. We've also been comparing tuition/fees and cost of living in the areas.
This one is his top:
I've got to say, with my dad working there so much when I was growing up, I wouldn't mind it either, it's beautiful & rich in history just like my little Franklin!
HOWEVER, the school he wants to attend has a tuition out the roof and the cost of living is outrageous...soo we'll consider it & try to work out how we'll make it happen! Of course, it'd be AMAZING for me with Public Health!
Plus, I want to go in this temple!
Then there's Oregon... School costs= not as horrific about $10,000/yr cheaper & then cost of living is ENORMOUSLY lower. Plus, it's beautiful & I'd have my Tennessee green, Wes would have his mountains, win/win!
I think we could have a little fun in this state! Then, there's Washington state. Also green, mountainous & beautiful....plus, it's no Florida beach, but it has one! Lastly, there's good ol' No thank you. I am done. I have loved Provo & loved my experiences here....but I am D-O-N-E here. But, there's other factors. The BYU law school is SO cheap in comparison & housing is cheaper & plenty trashy :) I think I'd like to live out in Springville or somewhere again rather than live near campus again. I like my little get-away to Springville after school and work every night! Of course, after the law fair today Wes could have a million more places he'd like to go to school & practice! I've liked our top 3 options so far! Colorado is also on our radar! All of this is SO fun! xoxomoredecisions!


  1. O.K., I can't help but notice the western theme here! I'm trying not to cry! You'd better edit this and throw in a couple eastern/southern options real quick-even if it's bogus!

  2. Woohoo, now law school truly is an adventure!! But don't let anyone scare you--it isn't as horrible as most people will tell you. Good luck :)

  3. Yay for the DC temple! I think it may always be my favorite, but I'm biased. (;
    Law school is scary expensive!

  4. D.C would be a nice place to visit, Colorado, Washington state, Oregon and California all have something in common. They lean left, way left in their politics! There is a reason they call it the left coast!


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