Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hair cut.

 I got a text from Wes with THIS picture
 Which always means a hair cut occurred.
This is always scary.
For a few reasons.
Weston likes feeling bald. aka no hair on his head.
He also doesn't look at the back of his head while buzzing it.
I picked him up from school that night & sure enough it looked like edward sizzor hands took a whack at him.
Mixed with he looks like he got in a fight with a lawnmower. & lost.
So, as soon as we got home I went to the bathroom to fix it. But not before documenting the horrible haircut. Please tell me you can see all the different layers of hair. Well the 2 different layers. long & short. & then the awesome neck hair edition.

A nice little pointed flat top.

Basically. He is currently a skin head from his hair being buzzed very short. But it is now shaped & even. & his neck hair is not encroaching on his collar anymore.  Holler.

Halloween party tonight.  Finished our costumes today. They rocked. I will post pictures later.

Melissa's Birthday!

 Wednesday night we threw a surprise birthday party for Melissa's 23rd birthday!  It was so much fun!

 Right after her & Taylor got there!
 Blowing out her birthday candles!
 Melissa got lots of fun gifts! This was from her roommates!

 Spencie & Jacob

 Bahahah Wes is being the fat kid sitting at the end of the table w/ all the food! bahahha
 Kristin & Lyss

Melissa & Taylor

It was a really successful surprise! I did not even document the cake. It did not cut pretty. But I was kind of proud of it. It was bright & neon purple, pink and blue.

We had a good night :) Happy birthday to Melissa!


Target Date

 We had a date to target last week.
Wes had spent his fall break at his parent's house workin on our car & doing some work with his pops!
Well, we're all about keeping traditions alive, so in true Brinkerhoff Jr. fashion, whenever we visit we always leave SOMETHING behind. He left his belt & his knife that is always on his belt at his parent's house while he was down there.
So, we needed to buy this boy a belt, because he is just not bootylicious enough to keep those pants up without one.
We got a little distracted & started looking at belts. & hats. & shoes. & lumberjack coats. & slippers. & running gear.
 In all seriousness, I loved this hat. I'm just thinkin my head is a wittle too big. Or else I just don't know how to put it on properly. Either way, it's a problem.
 Wes got a new belt & I got some great new work pants. Holler. I love Target.


 Fall has been SO fun so far!  I have to say proudly that we have taken full advantage of the season thus far! 
We went to a haunted forest with Mike & Bonnie. We have had lots of soups for dinner.  We have been brought delicious ginger snaps by Dani (see below. & don't forget to stop by her blog to check out her giveaway!).  We stayed up till Midnight (when did we get so old that midnight was a ridiculously late time?) working on our Halloween costumes. We got mine finished. It is a surprise. But just know that my fingers are destroyed with glue right now.  We will be carving a pumpkin tonight. Or else saving it for dinner in a pumpkin, not sure which, yet. We have watched 1 scary movie. Hocus Pocus.  It has been really fun with lots of mini dates along the way! We also celebrated Melissa's birthday this week. Surprise party. Pictures to come on that, later!
 Also, remember that INCREDIBLE shrimp, walnut, parmesian, garlic, basil, olive oil, green bean dinner I was telling you Wes was going to make? Well he made it that night & it was the best meal I have ever eaten. & I can almost say that truthfully. It was so delcious. & it was sooo good the next day as leftovers, too!
When I went to take the picture he wanted to look extra home-makery so he ran to the closet and grabbed an apron. It happened to be the only skirt apron (thanks Sister Grayson!) we have. He was too lazy to actually tie it on so he just threw it around his neck.


Well, this morning was a good one! We woke up with enough time to have a relaxed morning. Then Wes got ready & went into the kitchen for some cereal to find our ceiling looked like an enormous pimple upside down. Dripping water into our kitchen. The ceiling was about to fall through. woops! So I called the emergency maintenance & they came & wet/dry vacced our floor & I'm pretty sure they're currently cutting out our ceiling.  The floor above us's water heater had leaked.  The same thing happened this summer, too! but that was the 3rd floor's water heater... well atleast the 2 water heaters are now fixed & it shouldn't happen a 3rd time.... bahah but it was a great morning! & with that last minute wrench in the works I still made it to work on time!  Pretty successful if you ask me!
Tonight is when we're going to make our chili for the ward kickoff! Thank you everyone for the oh so yummy recipes!


Another Print giveaway from the all mighty & talented seester.
Check here for November's giveaway!


The Jury is in!

The tumor on the thyroid is benign! Thanks all of you that expressed concern! It was a little stressful, because my labs were supposed to be back in last Thursday.   I called them just about every second on Friday & the labs never came back. & they called at 3:30p.m.  Wow. Long wait, but good news! Hoorah!  Wes said I should tell everyone :)

Chili Recipes

So who's got the best chili recipe?!

Preferably white chicken chili?! Nommy.

We're having a ward chili kickoff & I want to win. So, if you've got some killer chili recipes you feel the need to share, hook a sister up, por favor!

Have I Mentioned?

Wes is extremely competitive.  Like, a lot.
With our gift card from our secret friend, we bought 2 games.
Last Word & Skip Bo.

Skip Bo is a family favorite & I was so excited to actually own it.

We played it last night.


Wes lost.


This makes for an extremely grumpy gus.
This is what I was looking at the whole time:

It's way too funny.
But at the end he was looking like this:
 Happy as can be! His hair is all fluffled out though, because he runs his fingers really hard through his hair when he's stressed or upset during the game.
I try my hardest to hide the giggles.
I'm glad SkipBo doesn't have the same lasting effects of Risk....

I added more photos

To my photography page above! 

Click on the "I am a..." page tab at the top to see more of my photography!  


Baby brother got his permit today! AHHHHHHH
He got to get his at the cushy new DMV.
Anyone remember the old one w/ no A/C & flies galore?! Yeah, that's where I got mine. & waited for the normal 3 hours. In July.
Anyways, I'm so happy for little Chase who has been challenging my driving skills since I started driving. He swears that he was going to be better of me.  His proof was his abilities to drive on Midtown Madness on Xbox.  I admit, he was pretty good. I also admit, I played it with him.
Anyways, punky turned 15 on October 2 & is now 6'2" & his little girl voice has now become low. & has finished up that cracking stage.  It's weird. He's so old.  I remember changing your diapers. That's right, I've wiped your stinky naked butt, so you better not call me names!
Anyway, I sure love Chase. & he's one of my best friends. I think I pretty much have the greatest family!
Blood & non-blood relations included!



The vacuum totally wins.

And after googling it I realized it was not a stink bug. But still, I am thrilled with my vacuum decision.


This one's for you, Britteny! 

nom, nom, nom!!


So, it's fall break! I'm so happy for Weston to have a couple days to BREATHE! Poor guy barely gets any time to relax. Anyways, so while at work yesterday we were g-chatting as always. He sends me a link to the most amazing looking dinner he is going to make for tomorrow (which is now tonight).  I was so excited.

Danielle was over last night & we were showing eachother cool new pins on pinterest & Wes said "Oh, or like that really great dinner I found for us that I'm making tomorrow night!"   

"....You were on pinterest?"

"Well, yeah, you left it up on the computer & the picture of the dinner was right there so I clicked on it."

After rolling on the floor laughing he got a little teased for surfing a 'girly' website hahah poor guy.

Anyways, teasing aside...I'm really glad he found that link because he's a really good cook & I'm sure he'll add his own twist that will make it better than the original. Yum.  He's so sweet & so much of a better cook than me.

My poor husband. & poor future tots.

Thank you pinterest for (hopefully) saving my family's taste buds from being bored by my monotonous cooking.

So true.

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