So, Wes has been TOTALLY owning school! He's taking 18 credits & working 55+ hrs a month & doing REALLY, REALLY well!  He's even taking a math, which he has always told himself he was terrible at.

Well during the first few weeks of school he was using millions & millions pieces of paper & pencil erasers to do his math homework.  We decided a cheaper alternative was a personal whiteboard.  We went to Walmart & found that it only had a pink framed whiteboard...which Wes was not a fan of. I hooked him up with a Pyrex pan to use for his homework in the meantime.   I searched Walmart a few times, but was shocked over their overpriced white boards.  I checked the dollar store & was shocked that there were no dry erase boards!  I searched that store high & low.
Finally. I decided to buy a picture frame & put a piece of white paper in it for him to use for his homework.  It has served him well!  He carries it to class, something that he couldn't do with the Pyrex dishes!  However, last week he overpacked his backpack & the glass pane broke in half, but don't worry, Wes packing taped it back together from the inside..hahahah now it looks even more ghetto, but it works SO well! Anyways, the other night we were chatting on the couch & his whiteboard was still out from his homework.  I look over & see he's drawing a totally creepy man!

I was so grossed out & asked him who that was & why he was drawing such a creepy man.   I then looked at Wes..& realized with his scruff that this man looks a little familiar. aka the scruff. I realized he was drawing himself! hahahahahhah I said, "...uhhh...are you drawing yourself?"  "Yeah!" "Oh my gosh! Do you have the worst self image ever hahahah, first of all, your eyelashes are NOT that thick, not to mention you have a pointy chin & not a round one.  Your ears are NOT big & you are not bald! hahahahahahahha" I laughed FOREVER over this one.  Pretty much the greatest self-portrait ever! 

Don't mind my pink tall-tee I sleep in.


  1. I LOVE this post. I am laughing so hard. And it is probably the best self-portrait I have ever seen. And I study Art History. I am DYING right now. The side story makes it just so much better. I love the two of you together.

    It also reminds me of a lil' portrait you made of Emma Hale our freshman year...

  2. Hahahaha....so maybe this is him in his 30's with a little more weight and a little less hair oh, and maybe he's in the middle of a bank heist...yipes!!!! hahaha!

  3. Such a funny picture, Wes! Believe me it bears NO resemblance. I was however impressed with your artistic abilities. I don't think I could draw a face that good, creepy or not! You'd be an awesome partner in a drawing game. Also, I love that you two are so frugal. It is a great way to start good habits right up front! Sounds like you are doing a good job of building your own little empire and very creatively I might add.


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