Have I Mentioned?

Wes is extremely competitive.  Like, a lot.
With our gift card from our secret friend, we bought 2 games.
Last Word & Skip Bo.

Skip Bo is a family favorite & I was so excited to actually own it.

We played it last night.


Wes lost.


This makes for an extremely grumpy gus.
This is what I was looking at the whole time:

It's way too funny.
But at the end he was looking like this:
 Happy as can be! His hair is all fluffled out though, because he runs his fingers really hard through his hair when he's stressed or upset during the game.
I try my hardest to hide the giggles.
I'm glad SkipBo doesn't have the same lasting effects of Risk....


  1. Skip Bo and Last word are our two favorite games!

  2. That is funny Rachel! I love skip-bo but I've never played Last Word...let me know if you like it too!

  3. Skip Bo is fun but don't know anything about Last Word either. I don't blame you, Wes, as I like to win, too. However, I have had to mellow on that because it seems inevitable that I'll lose because I am not fast at ANYTHING! Then when I DO win it is just such a happy surprise! Our family has been known to rig the game when I've been away from the table and I come back to win BIG and in short order, then I KNOW something is up! You win a few, you lose a few, it's all good!


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