Dear most-loving person,

Thank you so much for that amazing gift(s) you left on our doorstep last night.  It was the most unexpected thing ever. We really are racking our brains to figure out who did that.  We had suspicions of Weston's mom because it looked like her handwriting.  But that isn't possible, because it was dropped off after Wes got home from school, but before I got off work. Weston's family was all in Brigham City since 2:30 yesterday...  Then I thought maybe it was one of my siblings....but didn't recognize the handwriting.  Then I thought, maybe it was my parents.... because only a parent would love someone that much to do something SO nice & generous....but they live 2,000 miles away.  We thought maybe it was Branbury to the RAs....but Wes asked other RAs...hahahah whoops, nope, they didn't know what we were talking about....So we have run our investigations, but have NO idea who it is!  but if you read my blog and you are "Me" thank you SO much. & I wish I can say we saved them, but no, we used them both last night & if you confess who you are I will tell you what we used them for!


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