Target Date

 We had a date to target last week.
Wes had spent his fall break at his parent's house workin on our car & doing some work with his pops!
Well, we're all about keeping traditions alive, so in true Brinkerhoff Jr. fashion, whenever we visit we always leave SOMETHING behind. He left his belt & his knife that is always on his belt at his parent's house while he was down there.
So, we needed to buy this boy a belt, because he is just not bootylicious enough to keep those pants up without one.
We got a little distracted & started looking at belts. & hats. & shoes. & lumberjack coats. & slippers. & running gear.
 In all seriousness, I loved this hat. I'm just thinkin my head is a wittle too big. Or else I just don't know how to put it on properly. Either way, it's a problem.
 Wes got a new belt & I got some great new work pants. Holler. I love Target.


  1. CUTE pictures of you two! I love them! Glad you guys could re-stock!

  2. Target dates are the best. Gosh I love that store =)

    I've always wanted to play this one game at target. You get a basket full of random stuff and then switch with the other team. Then you have to return everything back to the right spot and take a picture of it. Whoever finishes first wins.

    Let's go on a double date and do it!


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