$20 Photoshoot!

Okay, folks! I'm looking for people to photoshoot! When I get home from work tonight, I will upload some sample work, you can also check out my facebook album, HERE!!! 
I'm trying to save up moolah for photoshop!

I can do newborn (within the first week of life) & Pregnancy shots, senior portraits, couple shots, family shots,  engagement shots. You have full rights to the photos & can print as many as you'd like! 
You'll get the digital copy of them!  E-mail me if with any questions or if you're interested!


So, for $20 you will get:
1 hour photoshoot
Digital copies of edited photos
Printing Rights to all photos
& a very happy people(You & Me!)


  1. If I was in Utah, I would totally do this for you. Good luck!

  2. Put us down for Thanksgiving!!!!


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