Chasey Birthday

Yesterday baby brother turned 15!!! WHAAAT??!!  That's weird.....

I remember in 2nd grade when my teacher came to me at lunch & told me my mom had the baby! Woohoo! THE baby! I was so excited!  We got to go to the hospital when we got out of school that day & go meet our little E.T. baby. We were so excited.  I would put some home videos on here, but since it's my blog, & I'm selfish, I will not put on his toddler videos. Just to give you an idea though, they are HILARIOUS.  He was the cutest little kid. He was so funny. He did everything we told him to. Pretty much it was awesome. He was our little doll baby.  We poked at him, teased him, dressed him up, helped him learn to talk, took turns pushing him in the stroller.  & then tortured him lots. bahah in a loving, sisterly way!

Chase is a great person.

I love him so much!
I can't believe he's so grown up!

He is such a good example to me.

He is now grown out of his pestering stage where he'd fake cry (okay so he grew out of the fake crying quite a few years ago), which makes him a lot more fun.

He is so sweet.

He is always helpful & wants to help everyone out.

He loves being outside!

Chaser is all about riding his bike, too.

He has had more black eyes than anyone I know.
He has an infectious smile & great laugh!

He's the happiest little guy.

He's not little.

He is now 6'2".

His feet have always been enormous!
He is the best piano player I know!

 He's in that awkward, trying to find the correct level of voice to use in different situations stage.  Usually he's WAY too loud.  However, Spencie used to be that way too, so there is hope for Chase... :) 

Little punky is fun to play games with.

I love Chase & I love being around him! I'm sad I'm missing his high school years being across the country.  But I'm so proud of him, he's always doing his best to do what's right and to make good decisions.  I couldn't ask for awesomer little brothers!

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