Our first girl....

Bahah, no we're not pregnant! Our friends showed us this website where you can morph your faces together.  Don't worry, the boy looked like a girl, too, so we won't post that one.  This is what our faces looked like smooshed together to become a girl child.  I think she turned out pretty normal!  We won't talk about the hair...


  1. ohhhhhh that baby's hair in real life............

    i'll pray for it.

  2. hahaha...funny, Danielle! She is darling Rachel and Weston! Congratulations! Although she looks a little like Jon Bonet Ramsey which is a bit tragic!

  3. Cute little girl! Now you have to run a copy and see if your future daughter resembles her in any way. Very interesting idea to do this!

  4. Hey get, Kristin and Joel to do it, too, and see how she measures up to Siena. Now that would be interesting!


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