Baby brother got his permit today! AHHHHHHH
He got to get his at the cushy new DMV.
Anyone remember the old one w/ no A/C & flies galore?! Yeah, that's where I got mine. & waited for the normal 3 hours. In July.
Anyways, I'm so happy for little Chase who has been challenging my driving skills since I started driving. He swears that he was going to be better of me.  His proof was his abilities to drive on Midtown Madness on Xbox.  I admit, he was pretty good. I also admit, I played it with him.
Anyways, punky turned 15 on October 2 & is now 6'2" & his little girl voice has now become low. & has finished up that cracking stage.  It's weird. He's so old.  I remember changing your diapers. That's right, I've wiped your stinky naked butt, so you better not call me names!
Anyway, I sure love Chase. & he's one of my best friends. I think I pretty much have the greatest family!
Blood & non-blood relations included!


  1. Cute post, Rachel! I love how much you love and appreciate your family! You are wonderful!! Chase is so excited and had a great maiden voyage with the "new" pickup and with stick-shifting today!

  2. Rachel, that was so fun to read! Chase is so happy to finally get that permit and he is doing quite well with the driving thing. I got to be his passenger this afternoon for a couple of swings around the neighborhood. It brought me back to when you were first learning to drive and shifting gears. The thought made me smile! You are such a dear and I miss you a lot!


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