Stewart Falls!

 We worked this weekend for our apartment complex & guess what our work was??

Hiking Stewart Falls! Pretty terrible, huh?!
The weather was PERFECT & it was SO beautiful!
I didn't pack our nice camera, though, so the old one that's about to die, had to do! :)

Also, I have to say, it was very pretty, but I am such a fall snob.  Tennessee has untoppable falls. I miss them more than words can say. & everyone talks about how much they love the fall & "all" the colors here in Utah. & then I realize those people have to be from southern California, Arizona, or Texas, because this is nothing like the vibrance of Tennessee! But I definitely appreciate it!  However, here, fall has a different feeling than TN...here it is telling us the impending winter is RIGHT around the corner. No, really, it'll probably snow next week.

 He is SO handsome!!

 Our friends, the Wrens!

 Wes in front of Stewart Falls!  Soooo wittle!
 Wes & Mike after climbing up the mountain face...

 tree huggers


  1. That looks fun! Is that in Provo Canyon somewhere? We need to do more hiking, alas, it's hard with several little children. Someday! And I agree, fall in Utah is NOTHING like fall back east :( :(

  2. Gorgeous photos of you gorgeous people! Glad you had such a fun time!


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