So, it's fall break! I'm so happy for Weston to have a couple days to BREATHE! Poor guy barely gets any time to relax. Anyways, so while at work yesterday we were g-chatting as always. He sends me a link to the most amazing looking dinner he is going to make for tomorrow (which is now tonight).  I was so excited.

Danielle was over last night & we were showing eachother cool new pins on pinterest & Wes said "Oh, or like that really great dinner I found for us that I'm making tomorrow night!"   

"....You were on pinterest?"

"Well, yeah, you left it up on the computer & the picture of the dinner was right there so I clicked on it."

After rolling on the floor laughing he got a little teased for surfing a 'girly' website hahah poor guy.

Anyways, teasing aside...I'm really glad he found that link because he's a really good cook & I'm sure he'll add his own twist that will make it better than the original. Yum.  He's so sweet & so much of a better cook than me.

My poor husband. & poor future tots.

Thank you pinterest for (hopefully) saving my family's taste buds from being bored by my monotonous cooking.


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