March birthday toots.
Momma & Pops spoiled the three birthday kiddos as always, they're awesome!
Housewarming gift from Momma.
Taking the canoe out for a spin.
He's dreamy.
Annoyed that I'm making him smile for pictures.
The handsome hubs climbing a mountain before school!
Wes, Mike & Charlie climbing climbing!
Salem is great.

I was watching the geese. Goll, I love those things. 
Even if they poo all over the yard!
I match.
So does he.
Trying to be taller than Weston. Success.
25th birthday dinner request: Chicken Pot Pie? Boring. but check!
Playing with his new camera. No I'm not on the toilet.
Wake up.
Bike ride to Payson.
Loves his flag from Iraq that flew on his 18th birfday.
Especially loves his new flag frame I gave him for his 25th birfday for it. & how I did a good job folding it & putting it in the frame. Score.


The Geo's registration ran out in March.  We needed it to do safety testing & emissions testing.  We failed the emissions testing for something. Wes did not have time to fix it. The man said he would charge us $20 to fix it.  We tried to bring it back to him to have him fix it. However, the man wasn't there when we went back. Finally, Weston was able to get a second to take it in yesterday.
The day we took it in to get it inspected (the first time) the handle on the driver's door broke.  A couple weeks ago we took apart the door & realized it's the plastic handle that is broken. So, we've been searching for a geo handle for an affordable price. One Auto Zone wanted to charge $60...uh nope.
With all the medical bills this month, coupled with Weston's EMT costs & the tuition costs for his internship coming up & Rent next week... that door handle will have to wait!
However, check out this handsome handyman of mine!

You can see my contribution here. Hahah no, this is my last picture, because I got up & helped him & we successfully got the door apart & before going to AutoZone got it back together.


So April 3 I had surgery.
It was awesome.
Mostly because this hospital gown is hi-tech.
It had a ventilation system. It was a 3 layer hospital gown(thick & bulky) & I was sweating in it bc it was plastic lined.
Then the nurse that attempted my IV came in & plugged this vacuum hose looking pipe into that hole underneath that flap over my leg & it blew air into the gown & it was like my own personal A/C unit. Or after they were finished with the 4 attempts at IV's my very own heater! 



Here's some pichas from mah phone. 
I cannot take credit for all of these photos.
I will take credit for the awesome captions.
I have been a wedding feign lately.
Took Melissa's bridals on Sunday.
Edited, edited, edited.
Ready to go.
I'll post the real pictures post wedding. I didn't want to give away her dress.
 The drop ceiling Wes did. This is it's beginning stages.
 This is after 1 side is drywalled & then the other side got it & it's all filled, sanded & painted w/ trim & can lights. It looks phenomoenal. 
 Getting my hair didddd.
 The million dollar jacket we had to buy Wes for this fire season w/ Alta.
To match his million dollar shirts, beanie, & hat.
Workin hard or hardly working?
btw. We bought a canoe. It is awesome.
He got birfday money from Momma & Pops & his Mom & dad, & we forked out the last $50. It's amazing.  Oh & we bought the AMAZING transport system here. Worth every penny.
Lisa & Lincoln at Jenna's graduation lunch. I love that baby!
I'm still so completely obsessed with my ring. Plus, we hang our piano from the ceiling.
Making fun of Deej.
I heart food. & Payson Walmart.
 Anatomy has met it's monster match.
 Cute little Sav. I love that strawberry blonde.

 Bella's gross.
Turban never looked so good.
 Brent has a death wish. 
 Miss Jenna Ju is a Grad-juate
 My mom's a real estate agent. Of castles.
 Celestialand? Count me in!
We like to take cheesy pictures of ourselves in our friend's aviators.
This is why our family does not own a pair of sun glasses.
However, we are champs of self portrait photos.
So, my friend Shalyce from Simply Shabby Shalyce is going out to be on the Mormon Bachelor. Don't know what that is? Refer to this vid:

Here is her application video. It is funny. & she's hot. Watch it, like it, share it. 
Let's get her on the show with this bachelor!


Smarty Pants!

I have a smarty pants husband on my hands!
He was accepted into the paramedic program!

Seriously an answer to prayers!

He is so incredible & doing SO well in school!

That program has less than a 50% acceptance rate & WESTON was accepted.

He is soooo thrilled! This has such an awesome affect on our future...

Now our plans (now that we can make plans) include the following:
Wes will have 19 credit hours in his program for the fall semester & then winter semester is only 12 credit hours of class. & 1000 hours of clinicals.
YES, you read that right, ONE THOUSAND.
that comes to 65 hrs/week. uhh..on top of class. He wont be sleeping. UFRA will schedule his clinicals for him & they will be 24 hr shifts at various ERs, L&D wards, ORs, Fire Departments, etc!

He is so thrilled!
He has lots to study up on this summer to get all prepared, but that'll give him something to do in all his spare time with wildland firefighting...hahah gosh. Busy boy!

So he'll test for his national cert with paramedic in April of next year & he'll be applying to full time positions around the country during the beginning of next year & also apply back to hot shot crews & we'll compare options of employment. If he gets hired by a fire dept we'll move for that job & then he'll finish his degree online.  All of the rest of his college courses are available online & some of his major core classes are only offered online. He also has plans to get an ASN degree so he can be a flight nurse. I don't know, the options are endless. We're also considering the SEALs again. Ah, just lots to think about & lots of opportunities for this awesome man of mine! Anyways that's an update!



One of my high school friends was shot in Afghanistan. Please pray for him.




We've got a few waiting games going on currently.

They are so fun.

Especially when we are counseled by church leaders to live now & not in the future. Sometime's that is tough though.

I won't share all our waiting games with you, but a more immediate one is HUGE.

Weston's Paramedic Program application is in & we are now waiting to hear back. He should hear back by next week. Wow, we have been sitting on the edge of our chairs for this one.

Weston is an unlikely candidate for 1 reason, he will have the minimum requirements for medical experience.

The minimum requirements for the Paramedic program application were:

  • 4 months of EMT-B license before Paramedic program begins
  • Anat/Phys
  • Math
  • English
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Paid medical experience
  • Volunteer medical experience
  • Letter of intent
  • GPA
  • Number of credits completed
  • Transcripts
  • Driver's License
  • CPR Cert
So, he has the class requirements fulfilled, he is doing the math & Anat/Phys & EMT-B course currently. 
We collected his transcripts & filled out the application forms.  He wrote his letter of intent, which was phenomenal, by the way.  He collected letters of recommendation from 3 very generous people.  Joe Williams, former fire boss, President Hutchings, mission president, & Brandon Jensen, former fire boss.

Each person sent Weston a copy of the letter as well. Wow, they were powerful & spoke such great words of Weston, but were very honest, which says a lot about the person for being so thoughtful writing it & a lot about Weston for honestly receiving phenomenal marks from people he worked for & with directly.  He has Wildland firefighting experience & has now been hired onto a hotshots crew for this summer. 

Things change so quickly.  I'll fill you in on that next.

He has a good GPA, not a 4.0, but definitely good.  He has little volunteer medical experience, but everyone who he volunteered for & worked with all highly recommended him. Including the fire chief at an Orem fire station, who is friends with the paramedic board director.... & he has no paid medical experience. So basically the odds are for & against us.

Weston turned in his application & got an interview & had to do a physical test & some other written tests. Meanwhile he's been finishing up the patient assessments that he had to do for EMT requirements.  HE had to do 100. He could not use the same person, but 4 times (unless pediatrics or infants). It was a challenge, props to everyone who played victim for him & Kristin & Joel for donating their baby for his infant patient assessments & to Jacob for volunteering his body for the pediatric assessments. Golly, it took a lot of work, but Weston accomplished them all! & my blood pressure is perfect!

Weston had full intentions of applying for the paramedic program this spring. However, he got a little nervous when he started talking to people about it who thought he was totally nuts for applying this early into his emergency services courses.  I encouraged him to apply, even with him not being an EMT-I(intermediate).  I figured there was nothing to lose, except he had to do a TON of work to get this application in.  Including finding out that his driver's license expired the day before the application was due, bc he turned 25.  & he was  so slammed with school work that he did not even want to think about DMV junk, it was much easier just to sit in the passenger seat for a few days till he could get his head above water. However, he collected all his necessities & got his DMV stuff worked out & got a new driver's license on the same day the application was due. It was a zoo at our house. But I am so proud of Weston for working SO hard in school & all the work it takes to get his application in.  Now we're praying he makes it in & that he does well on his finals so that he meets the grade requirements for the Paramedic pre-req's that he is currently taking. Eeks!

It is an extremely competitive program & Wes does not have the medical resume that most he is up against have.  So, please pray for him/us that he gets in!

The Paramedic program is 2 semesters long. & extremely busy.  It is 19 credits the first semester & 12 credits the second semester, but they do not want him taking any other courses with his second semester because he has to get 1,000 hours of clinicals. Whoa.  So, that's our plan. However, after he has his paramedic certification he can start applying for big dog jobs & either keep going to school at UVU, or follow a job & then finish his degree online.  There are so many options, but I am so proud of Weston.

Now, update on his fire job this season. Weston applied for a job with Hotshots up in Draper in January. He had an interview with them, just like he did last summer. He walked in to bring them his application & they remembered his name from last year...in an interview. Amazing.  He applied & interviewed with them last summer, but they did not hire him, they don't like hiring students, because they have to return to school before the season is over.  So, he applied & interviewed with them again this year, & again they told him they didn't hire him last year because he's a student.  They told him the same thing this year. He was bummed, but still had his application in with Squad 8-1 in Spanish Fork who he worked with last season.

  The U.S. Forest Service has this new thing for "diversity."  Do not get me wrong, I love the diversity of our country, I love that we are a melting pot & I have a ton of friends that were not born in the U.S.  I have no problem with that, my problem is with reverse racism.  Weston literally almost did not get a job on his fire squad this season. So, his boss, Joe, went up to bat for him. He told the way high up people that Weston was a great employee, etc. & that he wants Weston back on his squad this season.  Miraculously Weston got the job & got hired on with Joe.

Last week Weston got a call from the Hotshots.  He got hired. Oh my goodness..... this was a moral dilemma if there every was one. Joe sticks his neck out for Weston, & then Weston gets this other job which will be a huge career booster for him & resume builder.  (Hotshots are a big deal, Deej, Wes said he can now come present to your class on Hotshots!)  Weston did not want to let Joe down. Joe is a great man with full intent to help others & he has definitely helped us & Weston out with various things.  Weston felt comfortable calling Joe & getting advice on what to do, knowing that Joe would be honest.  Joe told Weston that he obviously wants him on his squad, but that Weston needs to do what is best for his career & family.  Wow, what a great man.  We prayed about it in the 10 hours we had to make the decision.  I left the decision to Weston, I really had no opinion or inspirations of which one is best & let's be honest, he's the one that will be working the job.  Weston decided that hotshots is what I needed to do. He called Wade & accepted the offer & then called Joe & told him about his decision.

We have been so blessed that Weston has these different opportunities & incredible people that he works with!

10 high fives for you if you actually read all that & 5 high fives if you didn't make it, but that's basically what ha been consuming our lives lately.

love you all & will update pictures lata playas!


Magical Musica!

I loved this & thought I'd share.
I love Adele.
I love Adele's songs.
I love a good Adele cover song.


Youch $ $ $!

Paid Utah State taxes this morning....OOOOUCH!



I had a dream last night that I had a baby.
It was a flat Stanley.

Don't know what that is?

Look here to see when Weston was a flat Stanley or you can look at the below picture:

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