The Geo's registration ran out in March.  We needed it to do safety testing & emissions testing.  We failed the emissions testing for something. Wes did not have time to fix it. The man said he would charge us $20 to fix it.  We tried to bring it back to him to have him fix it. However, the man wasn't there when we went back. Finally, Weston was able to get a second to take it in yesterday.
The day we took it in to get it inspected (the first time) the handle on the driver's door broke.  A couple weeks ago we took apart the door & realized it's the plastic handle that is broken. So, we've been searching for a geo handle for an affordable price. One Auto Zone wanted to charge $60...uh nope.
With all the medical bills this month, coupled with Weston's EMT costs & the tuition costs for his internship coming up & Rent next week... that door handle will have to wait!
However, check out this handsome handyman of mine!

You can see my contribution here. Hahah no, this is my last picture, because I got up & helped him & we successfully got the door apart & before going to AutoZone got it back together.


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