Smarty Pants!

I have a smarty pants husband on my hands!
He was accepted into the paramedic program!

Seriously an answer to prayers!

He is so incredible & doing SO well in school!

That program has less than a 50% acceptance rate & WESTON was accepted.

He is soooo thrilled! This has such an awesome affect on our future...

Now our plans (now that we can make plans) include the following:
Wes will have 19 credit hours in his program for the fall semester & then winter semester is only 12 credit hours of class. & 1000 hours of clinicals.
YES, you read that right, ONE THOUSAND.
that comes to 65 hrs/week. uhh..on top of class. He wont be sleeping. UFRA will schedule his clinicals for him & they will be 24 hr shifts at various ERs, L&D wards, ORs, Fire Departments, etc!

He is so thrilled!
He has lots to study up on this summer to get all prepared, but that'll give him something to do in all his spare time with wildland firefighting...hahah gosh. Busy boy!

So he'll test for his national cert with paramedic in April of next year & he'll be applying to full time positions around the country during the beginning of next year & also apply back to hot shot crews & we'll compare options of employment. If he gets hired by a fire dept we'll move for that job & then he'll finish his degree online.  All of the rest of his college courses are available online & some of his major core classes are only offered online. He also has plans to get an ASN degree so he can be a flight nurse. I don't know, the options are endless. We're also considering the SEALs again. Ah, just lots to think about & lots of opportunities for this awesome man of mine! Anyways that's an update!


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