Happy Hallerween!

Our ward party got broken up by the cops! hahah it got a liiiiiitle too wild for them! Whit (we dressed her in all our cheetah), Jes (Elmo), Carla (Hippie), Syd (a cat girl) Syd got the stuff to attach this latex mask and used all this intense movie makeup stuff for her nose/lip pouches hahah SO INCREDIBLE! Dennis and I (Momma and Dad would be so proud of me following in their hillbilly footsteps!) "Hey, you look like my first girlfriend!" (Robby's from Alabama) Syd struggled a little eating her chili hah Whit, Me and Carla


V2 Gets Wild After Hours

It's been a rough week on a few levels, but my roomates still provide plenty of laughs. We were laughing because Whit's hair was parted in the middle and her curls air dried. It was pretty hilarious. Then Syd, miss domestic, was baking muffins. I pulled my bike into the apartment, beause there are various broken pieces on it right now and I'm attempting to fix it. Syd decided to go for a joy ride :D


No me gusta....SPIDERS!

So one of my biggest fears has always been spiders.... And then I took a job working in the mountains this summer....genius, I know! Diana and I got blessed with the loveshack :D! The hell hole, that luckily had electricity, but no a/c or heating (I know, you would think, who needs the heat in summer, anyone living in Provo Canyon @ night! Oops, sorry for that tangent.) and it was a spider pit...that we loved! It was sad saying bye to the loveshack, but not to those horrible spiders. Our dear friend Tyler, one of the maintenance guys, was kind enough to bring us a big can of Raid! After retreiving a ladder from one of the bays, Kelsi sprayed all 50 of the spider nests. The can was empty within 10 minutes. Though we couldn't do anything about the hundreds of spiders in our walls, we killed those trillion before they were born! SO, back to the reason I wrote this blog, lately there has been a recurring spiderweb where I park my bike and I have prayed I wouldn't run into the critter that built it. Yet, Monday night after FHE I was venturing over to Dani's condo and as I was grabbing my bike I saw the monster and tried to blow it off of my bike handlebars. Looking ridiculous and to no avail, I grabbed a rock and began hammering at my handlebars and shaking the hiding spider out of the gear switch! Hahahah I got the nasty thing... I'm actually being dramatic it's probably the size of a little freckle! BUT I GOT IT!



has the same sign as Idaho in sign language. Funny, huh? Well, I spent this past weekend in Idaho with Kristin at BYU-I in Rexburg, ID. It was really great! We had such a great time! I got there Friday night and met her roomies, who are all really great. Saturday morning we woke up around 9 and headed out to Yellowstone, which was about a 1 1/2 hr drive. Not too shabby, I didn't realize it was so close! We had an awesome time. We had to come back for the Guitars Unplugged show we had bought ticket to that just about the entire student body of BYU-I attended! It was so great! Afterwards there was a fun dance w/ blacklights which turned out to be rockin, because we wore tie-dye! Sunday mornin we went to their stake conference where we got to hear Dallin H. Oaks speak! So great, huh? Then Steph lent me and Kris her car and Kristin drove home back to Idaho Falls to Diana's house where her mom had prepared the most incredible dinner! Everyone enjoyed it! Then Diana, Allison, Dana and I all headed back on down to Provo and got in around 8 tonight! It was such a fun trip! Here's some piiiictures! Kris and I in front of Ol' Faithful! Every 90 minutes it ERUPTS! Kristin, Me and her roomates Amanda, Chelsi, Katie and Melissa! Kris and I somewhere in Yellowstone I took this, cool, huh?! This byson charged our car because a car pulled up behind it because they got impatient waiting for a the buffalo to move, so it started running because it got freaked out! I don't quite know what this animal is, they were trying to convince me it was a deer, but it definitely is the ugliest deer I've ever seen... Me and Kris in the Hart building @ BYU-I waiting for Guitars Unplugged to start! Me, Steph and Kris workin it with baby Armstrong! xoxo


Another Fabulous Week Flown By...

So I'm going to Idaho this weekend to visit Kristin, I'm so excited. Though, I'm a little hesitant of the cold weather... I just wanted to put in a fun blog from this week to keep everyone satisfied for the weekend, since I'm sure I have SO many avid readers... welp, here it goes! We had cleaning checks on Wednesday, so Tuesday night was a giant scrubbing bubbles party. Syd had the fridge and other various things, Jess had the stove and microwave, I had the rest of the kitchen, Whit had the front room/hallway, Tara and Carla had bathrooms. Our apt was SO squeaky clean! Myller (Whit's boyfriend....well not as of yesterday, but we still love him) is always at our apartment, we nicknamed him Lyller when we decided he's our apartment pet. Well, he came over to our clean apartment and made peach cobbler! Lyller treats us so well! With everything so immaculate we could've eaten that magnificent peach cobbler off of any surface in the apartment! Syd loved the peach cobbler, later that night we caught her snuggling with it in bed, we confiscated the innocent cobbler. We hit up A51 for another great night of 80's dancing. This time we did not stay for as long, only a couple of hours, but it was still so much fun! check out my cute friends! Me, Diana, Tara, Syd, Jess and Whit Whit and I drivin to good ol' slc! Wild Thing Did I tell you we model in our spare time? Roomates! (w/ the exception of Carla) Jess, me, Whit, Tara and Syd! Again, you can't leave a photoshoot w/o a jumping shot! Us throwing the Carla up! It's been a great week, and Keith and Keri are totally getting married a week from Saturday....weird, wild stuff right there! I'm so excited for them! I haven't decided if I'm going down for the reception yet...we'll see! Oh and the cougars totally embarrassed themselves with that lovely game tonight vs. tcu...we got demolished by #24 in the u.s. ... and we're totally #8....we just fell in the rankings more than ever....We played very poorly, and their entire team is made up of a bunch of black speed-machines, no joke....Incredible speed on both offense and defense. Welp who knows....our undefeated season has been stomped on... Argh, most frustrating game of my LIFE, k, Love you all! xoxo


I have the greatest family...EVER!

I've been thinking about my family a lot lately. Thinking about how I could've been a better sister/daughter/granddaughter, etc. But there's no use cryin over spilt milk, but I just want them to know I've been thinkin about them. I love them all and they're so great (extended family included). I'm sad because by the time I get home at Christmas time it would've been 7 months since I've been home. That's too long. Granted a mission is 2 years and I can talk on the phone. But I plain miss them. I am lucky enough to have Danielle out here though. Well, can I just declare to people that I have the most bomb-dig family!? Seriously, they're so great! Let me just try to give you a glimpse of each cool cat: Dad- Let's just say he's a work horse. Everything he puts his mind to he goes 100% or maybe 500%. He works himself too hard, too much. He was a farm-boy born into a a big family. He's # 13/15. I love him like a dog loves a good belly-rub, only probably more. He's the core and glue of our family. He tries to scold me for not going to bed, but I am my daddy's daughter... :D I'm his favorite (Dani disagrees, but I know I am). My dad is patient and hardly ever raises his voice. He is very strong (pun intended) and is a great example in every way! Dad is an awesome Priesthood holder for the family. I appreciate his good example even for the boys' sake in his awesome home-teaching habits. He is also very good at his calling. He is only home on the weekends, with a few exceptions, but he takes the time and sacrifice to home-teach all of his families once a month, and stays after church and often goes before church every sunday to get things done. I've heard, you can see the best missionaries by their hometeaching habits after they get home, because missionaries recognize the extreme importance of hometeaching and the activation and reactivation of families. Even though his jokes are lame and we all tease him for them I miss them. I miss his cheesy puns and wittiness, that is usually from another dimension, he's always having to explain his jokes. Momma- She's one incredible woman. She is the best multi-tasker I know. She has the best back-scratching skills, probably due to her ALWAYS incredible natural nails, seriously, it's sick. She never procrastinates. She's everything I could even hope to be and more. She is a great listener and is always concerned, but not to the point of being a worry-wart. She's trusting and trustworthy. She loves to peel skin and has always been good at french-braiding. She's an incredible artist and is very realistic, yet optimistic. She always gives the benefit of the doubt. My mom is always working to be better, but in the ways that count, she is health-conscious and does her best to gather everyone for scripture study, prayer and fhe. She is an incredible seamstress and totally domestic. She's the best/coolest mom. I love her. Deej- She's pretty wild. We went through our little stage of tufts in early teens, but I could not ask for a greater friend. I was so blessed when my momma had a girl before me. She is a lot like my mom. She is very emotionally stable and even-keeled. She helps me rationalize things when I get a little over-emotional about it. She has awesome advice and has a great sense of humor. In the past few years she's picked up an incredible level of empathy. She is spiritual and tries to do her best. She has been working out a lot lately and has been a good example that way, I definately need to be better at that! She is a girly girl, but isn't afraid to get down and dirty to get a job done. Though our personalities were very different when we were young; Dani was painfully shy and I was extremely outgoing (imagine that), she eventually came out of her shell and has a beaming presence. Me- I might've been an accident, but I'm pretty sure I'm the best one my parents ever made! Spence- Hmm....well if we were going to describe Spencer using the words he would use, it would be. He's "okay" or "fine" or any other one of those short answer responses he loves. Spencer is boy through and through. Granted, he IS a boy, but we love him. He is sarcastic, but is learning as he gets older how to filter through his thoughts as to what is better to be left unsaid. :D I appreciate Spencer for his "get to the point" way of thinking. On the color code he would be a red. Spencer is funny and easy going. He makes me laugh so hard. He teases a lot, but you have to know he doesn't mean things personally. He is extremely smart and witty. Spence is a hard worker and works hard for the things he wants (good luck motivating him to do something he doesn't care about though hahah). Spencer is a good leader and very studius. He is driven and has had a 'paycheck' job since he was 11. We started reffereeing together, something that he has stuck with and continues to do refereeing for upper soccer leagues and divisions. Spencer is a good example and is always punctual including to seminary and is very good with his young men and priesthood responsibilities. My little brothers are so great, Spencer passed me in brains a few years ago, but don't tell him, we can't afford him getting a big(ger) head. hahah Spencer is now over 6' at age 15..hmm he's been taller than me for a good 2 or 3 years...not okay... Grandmother always used to warn me when I picked on him because she said 'one day that little boy is going to be bigger than you!' Hmm...that happened Punky- Chase is the sunshine in our house. He is so loving and tender to everyone. He is a very sensitive person, and as much flack we give him for it, he is loved by EVERYONE. He has the biggest heart and loves to love everyone. He wouldn't mean to even hurt a fly. He was always so good with Chloe, they were born and raised together (different biological mothers). He is the bomb.com. I give Chase a hard time some, but I think that is because he is my mini-me. He really is. Except he's a better person than I am. We have the same humors and mindsets I feel. I seriously see myself in him. Chase is very active and has a car obsession. He loves helping my dad out at the house and working on the cars when they break down. Chase loves to build houses and buildings with the wooden blocks we've had for ages. He is always riding around on his bike. Chase is an incredible, accomplished pianist. He's played the piano for his school choir since early elementary school and has won many guild competitions. Chase is very affectionate and like me has some concentration issues, but, believe me, it makes life more interesting. I miss his hugs. I wish I could go back and be a better big sister to him. I could've learned so much. Chase Just turned 12 this month and is now in the deacon's quorum(can you believe it!?). I wish I could've been there his first Sunday. Not sure how tall Chase is yet, but he was almost to my chin when I was home I think, but that was 6 months ago... he's probably grown since then! Yikes, we'll see at Christmas! Grandmother- She reminds me of a flower or something like that. She is very proper and polite. She is a true southern belle. Grandmother is an awesome example for self educating. She loves to learn, yet is still so humble about it all. She is the only person I know that reads multiple books at the same time! She does crosswords and other word games to improve her vocabulary. She's very self-driven. I love that she loves to learn. I learn so much from her spiritually and otherwise. She is kind and always has a word of advice. Grandmother is the queen of one-liners and knows every single one of those old sayings, such as 'no use cryin over spilt milk' or 'a whistling woman and a crowing hen always come to no good end' (I always got that one....just didn't learn). We've been so blessed to be able to have Grandmother live down the street and lived with her in her house for 3 years and now she's moving into the new house with my family. Grandmother is head over the Nashville Temple Office. She's been a temple worker at the Nashville temple since it was built for us in 2001 I think it was. (grandmother with the 4 oldest girls) Chloe- Is no longer with us. I thought I'd give her a shout out, just because she's so great and we all love her and miss her. I haven't been home without her there yet, but it makes me tear up whenever I think about it. For anyone without a dog you can laugh, but you don't understand. Even those with dogs may not understand, but Chloe died this summer and was totally apart of our family. She always had a section in our family news letter at Christmas :D (don't get freaked out, it was partly a joke, but we love her). I always said lightly, "We had her as long as we had Chase"...but seriously, I meant it. She would always wait for me by the front window when I got off the school bus, she loved car rides, even if it was to the groomers. She always cuddled with me at night, but it sometimes got obnoxious when she couldn't sleep because her collar rattled. She followed me around all the time. (I think I'm her favorite too, maybe tied with Chase, but probably more because we're both girls). She loved scratches. She wasn't allowed on Grandmother's furniture, but I'd sneak her up. Boo and Brigette- Boo is ours and Brigette, Grandmother's, but they're the new family dogs. I haven't met them yet. They're sure cute in pictures though! xoxo

Major Changes

No pun intended :D I decided I'm changing my major...again. Some may call me fickle, but I'd like to consider myself as very thoughtful and making sure what I major in is what I really want to do. Not exactly sure what I'm doing with my life right now. I did decide to go back to health though. I'll keep you posted. xoxo


Bless Their Little Hearts

So I've gone on this google image rampage after that little adventure below... searched ugly animals, here's some pretty hilarious ones that came up... http://farm1.static.flickr.com/222/487056235_eaf60e87d1.jpghttp://pics.livejournal.com/evilgrins/pic/0041hcfahttp://www.sun-sentinel.com/media/photo/2008-04/37965500.jpghttp://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h18/skunkdrunk66/uglyanimals.jpghttp://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a160/natalie_pullen/zoo/100_0269.jpg xoxo


So, it's been a pretty good weekend here @ Virginia 2. It's been a kind of 'lay low' weekend. We've done stuff, and gotten stuff done, but it's also been a catch up on rest! I'm so happy for my family because they finally got to move in this weekend to the house they've been working hard on for 3+ years. So Thursday night a stray cat was brought home. It was really cute. It was definitely interesting though. We got to enjoy it, but it left at a good time. Syd and I tried building a cage for it Friday night to keep it from damaging our apartment. Didn't work, but it did keep control of Syd! Jes on our little late night Macey's trip. It was really cold and had just recently had the first snow of the season! Yup, folks it did snow late last night! Syd, Jes, Diana and I during the little flurry storm! BRRR! Syd and I hit up a blacklight danceparty; it was pretty sweet. The homecoming game was really great vs. UNM, we won 31-3, we're still ranked #8 in the Nation, pretty good. Pray we do well vs. TCU on Thursday...it's a liiiiiitle nerve racking! Hopefully we will. It's a toss up because they're a good team and its on their turf (no pun intended :D). It's also an out of conference game, which is a little unnerving! Everyone watch and cheer, go cougs!
There's Kane! Above is Syd and I @ the game and Kane got to play a lot this game as well! The picture of the endzone above is right after we scored and there's Kane in the endzone! :D I'm so proud! xoxo


Who I am to Google Images

So my cousin put this up and so did my sister, thought it was fun! You google image search the answers to the questions and pick your favorite picture from the first three pages of results! First Name: Rachel Fitting picture I guess, I LOOOOVE CHICKEN! Middle Name: Erin Erin Esurance came up, apparently I'm an Insurance Icon now! Last Name: Stolworthy My mom's real estate photo! Such a babe! Place Where I Grew Up: Nashville, TN baby Place I want to go: Atlantis Beach Bad Habit I Have: Not sleeping at night! this is my problem below... Favorite Color: Pink & Yellow I really like the color of them mixed together as well! p.s. i think these shoes are the bomb Nickname of a friend: Deej, my sister hahahha apparently this is Deej Warrwick, a famous wookie, is that starwars? Favorite Place: St. Augustine Beach I love St. Augustine, this is where we have our family reunions every year... not the prettiest beach, but definitely good memories! This one looks just like the boardwalk we take to the beach every year...except ours was old rotting wood that gave you GIGANTIC splinters (speaking from painful experience)! A pet you've had: Shih-Tzu Poo This is similar to what Chloe looked like, but her dark hair was black, not brown! SO adorable! What are you doing right now: at Dani's Condo We've got some lovely condo construction goin on there, I don't think that lady was wanting to be in that picture! xoxo
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