Secret Smile

Someone I know knows how to seriously make me smile....all the time...even just thinking about them.. Oh my...I haven't been like this in a long time...possibly ever. xoxo

Friends Are the Chocolate Chips to My Cookie of Life.

So, I got a few comments of how I used bane of my existence on my blog and Sydney did too. Yes, I did copy her, did I realize it? No. hahah So I apologize to those of you confused. I read hers that morning and when I was writing that post yesterday afternoon and that phrase came to mind, I thought,"how did that word get in my vocabulary?" I even looked it up in the dictionary to make sure it meant what I was using it for. It does, and I did. However, my subconscious totally copied Syd. But that's okay, I started the xoxo thing, we copycat eachother all the time.
Last night we came to the realization that when we start spending more time with our boys and less with eachother, we won't be finishing eachothers sentences as easily. This was sad to me. Its kind of fun when we say the exact same phrases, at the exact same time, with the exact same intonation. I just want to take this time to give a shout-out to my friend who wanted to treat me to her favorite rainy-day treat yesterday when I was seriously throwing a pity party bc of the weather(how lame of me). She's a great friend and my soul-sister.
I would have NEVER imagined our first semester that I'd be 2 years down the road and made such an amazing eternal friend. Seriously, not all people get this blessed in college.
By pointing this out about Syd, I don't mean to sell my other friends short. I've been so extremely blessed with amazing friends and have loved meeting and getting to know them all these past years at BYU. I may not have the most friends in the world, but I can tell you, I value quality a lot more than quantity. A true friend is someone irreplaceable.
I'm so happy that I've been able to room with my best friend and that we can share clothes, and HONEST opinions. And hair doo-dads. And tears. And shoes. And decorations. And food. And love. And that we are able to understand eachother. We live well together. We joke about how we'd freak out if one of us were to get married first, especially in the apartment we're in, because we're sharing a room made for 1, w/ one bed/dresser/closet/etc. But, it hasn't been anywhere near a problem...but I would in no way be able to live like this with anyone else, because literally all of our stuff is organized together, our clothes are color coordinated together, our shoes are hung together, we share one laundry basket, and it works nicely.
Kieli, Syd, me & Em. Friends since freshman year.
Josh, Mitch, Jenna, Me, & Rena, HS friends that will last forever.
I love these 4.
Diana and I...I love her. Again, freshman year.
Me & Syd. According to Trennon we're attached at the hip. I'd agree.
David. He's simply the best. Team David, Forever & Always.
Me & Anna. I love her. Again, a freshman friend.
Claire. The only one like her that you'll ever meet. Her hair did not used to be buzzed. It's a new thing.
Jason. The world's most empathetic person you'll ever meet. Cory, aside from my dad, he's my favorite spud!


Snow, money, english and moldy bread is the bane of my existence. xoxoi'mthrowingapityparty

I take that back

It is BEAUTIFUL! The snowflakes just got so much bigger! And they're falling so softly. Why does school have to exist today?

I'm a Wuss

I'm the first to admit it.
Last night Sydney actually used the covers. She was cold! I was so happy. We had a mini dance party, but that was just because Mitch is getting home tonight and she's extatic, but I was celebrating because she was actually cold! hoorah!
She does have blood running through her veins!
In the health center the whole front reception area of the building is glass. It is a blessing and a curse. Sunny days, it looks beautiful, but can be such a tease, because I'd rather be outside than behind the desk. Snowy days I know what is ahead of me....such as today.... That's right, as I type this lovely post the snow is falling...it gets me SO excited...until I remember how much I get to hike in it and how much I hate cold weather. Please check out my new friend Deidre's post about snowy weather [refer to rule #8]. It's very true. Except for I'm the one always complaining. I come from Tennessee, where yes, it gets cold, but it does not snow. When I was home for summer the missionaries were asking spencer if he likes the snow & he said when there is enough to sled, yes. They died laughing, bc where they're from when it snows there is always PLENTY for sledding. & because if there isn't enough to sled, it's usually not considered snow. The kind of snow that happens maybe once a winter & completely shuts down Franklin for days is currently happening in provo. If you squint & look at a black car you can maybe see a few flakes. However, my goal is to remain positive, when in reality, right now I want to cry, not because of the snow we're getting right now, but just because I know I'll be trudging to & from work in it all year. WAAAAAAAHHHH. Okay, I'm done whining [for now].
p.s. I don't want anyone to think I'm totally miserable and pessemistic. If I have someone with me, I'm as happy as a peach. However, I am VERY alone on those freezing cold mile walks back to campus after work. But this year is going to be different. I've been packing jeans to work. Now the only goal is to pray not to fall on the ice :)
p.s.s. Mitch lands in TN @ 3pm today. I wish I was there for his homecoming. I will be in spirit. Hoorah for the 2 year honorable mission he served. Sorry, California, but I'm happier than you are sad. My boy is alive & well & 2 years older. & HOME!!


Welcome to Orangeville

So, this weekend is on my list of tops. I took a little roadtrip 2 hrs south to Orangeville, Utah to visit Weston. It was such a beautiful drive! Weston's parents were going up to Ogden, so Saturday morning they brought his GPS to me in Provo. It was so nice! I was able to follow that through the mountains. Weston hurt his ankle Thursday night, so we took it a little easy all day. Started out w/ a nice subway lunch. Yum! Nextly, Braveheart. Which is now added to my list of favorite movies. It's incredible. Here's a picture of the little gimp soakin up all the TLC. [This doesn't do his ankle/foot justice...it was sick & huge] Later that night we took a drive up in the Cottonwood Canyon for a couple hours. Taylor Swift & Brandon Heath came along with us. Weston was trying to test my nerves, I swear....I only closed my eyes a few times. I think he has a little too much faith in Roxy [that's the name of his lovely jeep]. We were so excited that there was snow in the mountains! It goes in the memory books as the first day I played in the snow in the winter of 09-10. It was so beautiful. This was my first snowball. I almost feel bad for hitting the helpless and immobile target, but not really. [I know, I make really pretty faces] He loves his car....I like it too [& the driver]. [oh and please take time to admire the new rims, apparently a new set of wheels is like a new hair do] This picture doesn't do the mud justice. I don't know about you, but I'm really feelin the flamingo stance. After driving around and fillin back up w/ some gasoline we headed up to Price for Kellie's choir concert...which we missed because we couldn't find it. But, Weston was making us dinner that night so we made a little pit stop at the walmart up there! Where do mini bananas come from? Dinner was amazing. He sauteed chicken, onions and mushrooms and baked potatoes on the side. 11pm dinner never tasted so good! We stayed up late talking and thanks to my internal alarm clock, I got no sleep last night. But it was really fun. Basically, I was spoiled rotten and it was an amazing weekend at the Brinkerhoff home! I left their house around 12 & headed straight for Sandy for Sister Anna-Banana Thurston's farewell open house. I stopped in Provo to pick up Em. It was so good to see Anna. She's going to tear it up in Italy in a couple of months. She heads into the MTC @ 1:30 this Wednesday. xoxoI'msohappy p.s. Super freaking HUGE thanks to Syd for letting me borrow her car while she was in Vegas with her sisters this weekend. p.s.s. Sorry if parts of this are really lame & incomprehensible. I'm really tired.




I'm dying

Harold B. Lee is killing me right now. It would be so bitter sweet to have a library as your namesake... I'm crying right now, becaues I have been studying in Harold for 6 hrs now and Syd and I just began writing outrageous things to eachother on facebook, but don't worry, we're sitting an arms length apart @ the same table. You know how when you're brain is SO fried everything is funny, slap-happy you could say? It's the same kind of thing like when you're starving hungry, anything tastes good. Opposition, I guess! okey doke back to Environmental Health. Yes, it is as exciting as it sounds. xoxo p.s. This is post # 222. I love number patterns


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Well, I'm working down at the Urgent Care this morning. I got a call from the front desk from Betsy and she said for me to meet Kim @ the front nurse's station to get the h1n1 vaccine. whaaat? Well, I signed my soul away in a waiver and got it. So, let's pray that it was all properly tested and won't kill me!
Also, the Dr.'s put out a piece of paper today that we can hand to patient's. It's the greatest invention ever. Basically it says, you may have the flu if you have 'such and such' symptoms. You do not need medical attn., however, unless you have 'such and such' symptoms. And if you don't have those just stay home, rest, drink lots of fluids, take 'such and such' amount of tylenol and you'll be fine. They say to take ibuprofen first, if that doesn't settle well with you, turn to Tylenol, but avoid aspirin.
It's going to be great for many reasons. It will keep patients flowing through so that those who really need care can be seen, it will save the patients money, and it will save the dr.'s & receptionists sanity.
p.s. it's been cloudy here the past few days and I have LOVED it. Utah doesn't get too many cloudy days and I really appreciate them, when they come!


I can't stop smiling

I am so happy. It feels really good. xoxo
I have the most wonderful family. I am so grateful for them. My mom is always there with good advice or just a listening ear. She's the best. And I love her enthusiasm of being involved with what I'm involved in. She's the world's best mom. My dad is always thoughtful and listens, but is also really good with logistics and he's very smart. And not just for a farmer boy :) My grandmother is all smiles and empathy all the time. She's always there for words of affirmation, even if I'm not deserving. Dani is always there for a reality check, but also has become very understanding of my emotionalness. She's my best friend. Spencer makes me laugh with just about everything he says and he's my best bud. Chase is always there with a hug and any game that I'll ever want to play, he'll want to play it to. Also, he's such a good sport. He's the sunshine of the family. Bella's been a great addition to my family and she was my one and only this summer. xoxo I can't wait for us to all be together at Christmas.

This weekend...

...was a good one.
Friday Syd & I went to Kristie & Wes' house in Salem.
It was fun.
Jake is the cutest toddler. Ever.
I hope my babies are half as cute.
Saturday morning Kristie did my hair. She's amazing.
Went from this:
Ratty, Brown & Damaged (please excuse my swollen red eyes and makeup-less face, thanks)
To This:
Big, Blonde & Beautiful :)
Kristie is the best!
While @ Kristie's, Weston called & wanted to meet up. So after we got back to Provo I ran errands with Weston & his mom. She's really funny. After that Syd and I went to the lib, printed & copied the sacrament program. We then went to the creepy welding building where she has 3D to take photos of her projects for her presentation. We got a little carried away with the awesome little photo room: We then went to smith's & got the goods to make Kieli's birthday cake. I have to say, I'm pretty proud, it turned out good. Then we went and partied with Kieli & amigos all night. I went home with my infected eye & congestion. Then Sunday I tripped down the stairs on my way to church. Went to church with a skinless leg. It was hilarious though. My black stilettos looked like witch shoes bc the points got all wrinkled and bent. Then we had a photoshoot with some our freshman friends:
oh & p.s. Yesterday I waited for 2.5 hrs to be seen in the UVMC InstaCare for my eye disease. Everyone there sounded and looked like they were dying. Good thing the health center has built up my immunity or I would probably be on my deathbed there.
The Dr. came in the room and said "THANK YOU FOR NOT HAVING THE FLU!"
hah I have to say the health center here is SLAMMED too w/ people who have the flu.
Words of advice. They can't do anything to help you with the flu, but to tell you you have the flu, which if you have it, you probably know. So drink lots of water take tylenol and just lay until you're better. :) Dr.'s isn't always necessary
p.s.s. Mitch is home 3p.m. 1 week from today.

This is It.

So we went through a few costume ideas
Sandy & Danny.
Weston didn't know who the were, but he knows the Fonz. Same idea, right?
He wanted to do Mario & Princess Peach.
Until he saw this and how lame Mario looks tall...Then we realized that's what he would look like too. No go.
Sooo....his braveheart dream came true..
So, we are braveheart and girl. I'm so not a renaissance kind of girl...buuut like my roomate Jessica said, "I'd dress up in renaissance if I was dating a boy that attractive." Hahaha, yeah, me too, I guess. Thanks momma for making costumes!!! xoxo


it's really difficult for me to not laugh when I watch this music video. Actually impossible. BUT, this kid really is incredible, watch the acoustic version...angel voice. As long as I just hear the song I love it. I struggle with taking this love song seriously when the singer is still in diapers.


oh dear. I'm dying. Just kidding. I'm not. I just like being dramatic.
I do, however, have a cold. And that REALLY annoying eye infection is back..but hey, I can't complain because it left for a good solid 3 weeks...gay.
AND it is such a blessing that working at the health center all I have is a cold, especially with all the hundreds of people that come in on their sickly death beds.
Oh, and I look like a piece today. And I was asked to work at the front desk.
hahah let's just say it's a good thing I'm not the health center poster child.


Weston wanted to dress up together for Halloween...how do you feel about this one? Yikes, I don't think so. xoxo

I Just Cried

This is the funniest thing. I wasn't expecting it. I'm in the library and taking a break between subjects studying. Yeah, needless to say, I busted out laughing unintentionally. I think it scared the guy at my table.


I don't know how many of you have listened to the Nashville Tribute Band's CD's, but they're amazing.
Jason Deere was my seminary teacher my first couple years of high school and I learned more there than ever. He was loud and in everyone's faces, it was seriously the highlight of my school week. And I lived a pretty exciting highschool life.
Before they got huge they'd do firesides at home, then they just began doing investigator firesides, and now they're traveling everywhere and even toured in Australia. I got to see him on Pioneer Day that was my first day back in Utah since Summer. July 24.
This past weekend he went to California to Mitch's Mission and he blogged about it here.
p.s. Mitch is the Elder with the orange tie.
He gave us a shoutout in his "Lucky Man" post.
I was so blessed to be in that class and be taught by Jason, he's been a great influence on my life.
If you haven't heard his songs, it'd be in your best interest to atleast get the Joseph CD.


Birthday Girl!

Today is my mom's birthday. She is the greatest woman in the world and one of my best friends. I love her more than I could tell anyone and I don't know what I'd do without her. She has the best advice. She is the most empathetic person I know. She loves her family. She is sensetive. She is caring. Once again, please refer to Dani's fabulous blog for more info on the lovely lady! xoxo


Boys Are Stupid

I used to have a little address book that had this on it. My mom thought it was hilarious. Whenever boys are being dumb, this is what she says. xoxo


I like this.

I like this song & music video. I just watched Michael Buble on Oprah. He sang this new song from his album. I like it. xoxo
I mean, this animal is pretty great and all,
but it's a lot better when it looks like this.
Can't wait for Thanksgiving.
If anyone wants to add to Sydney's and my thanksgiving fund, we are taking donations. :)

What to Be?

That is the question.
We're lookin for good costumes to create for this Halloween.
Any Ideas?

Falling Leaves

So, pretty much I'm really lame, but sometimes I think I'm really funny.
I don't realize how weird I am till I step out of my own head for a second and realize that what went through my head isn't 'normal'.
SO, I love fall season. I love the crisp air, the pink, orange, yellow and red leaves. I love the birds that are freaking out about whether or not to migrate, most of them do except the dumb ducks @ the biology pond. Please refer here to a previous post on these lovely birds. And I love stepping on leaves.
So, often times in my head when I say something like oh a bird, if the rythym of the statement sounds like one from a song I'll start singing the words to that song. Or if it rhymes with a movie quote I'll put it to that part in my head.
Anyway, you get the idea. So, yesterday I was walking to campus after work and was stepping on every leaf I passed on the sidewalk. Something satisfying in the crunch. I started singing "I'm leaf-stomping, leaf, leaf-stompiiiin, leaf-stompin, leaf, leaf-stompiiiin". Sung to the tune of "show stoppin".
happy fall.



i have a crush on a boy. xoxogiddygirl

Hansel & Gretel?

So, today, while walking back to campus from work, I noticed a trail of gummy bears. I don't know who was trying to make sure they could find their way back, but they're lucky I chomped on cereal at work or I would have eaten those delicious little gummies. xoxofromfreakincoldutah


The Little Brother in Town

Spencer came in town this weekend and I got to hang out with him a couple times. It was so fun! Thursday night him and his priest quorum that he came out with went to the football fireside and then we met up with them at Cafe Rio afterwards. Friday was Chase's birthday so we took a picture for him. Us with the Grayson boys Paul and Dan, we were in the same ward in Florida as babies. Spencer and Paul were blessed in the same sacrament meeting as babies. Then same ward in Tennessee and now we had a little reunion in Utah! Us with the Winstead Hill priest quorum at the football game! The handsome baby brother. Marching Band's #1 fans. Sisters. @ the USU game. Thanks for the bracelet Jason! Enjoy Conference! xoxo


Food for Thought

Optomism & Service are the best medicine. (thanks grandmother :D) xoxo

Happy Birthday to the Little Man!

Today Chase is 13...wait, what? I still remember the day Mrs. Pagan came up to me at lunch and told me that my mom had the 'baby'. The poor child has been teased relentlessly but is a family favorite. Talk about the kid that came out of the womb singing. He's a little musical genius and so fun to be around. He always makes everyone laugh. I have to say his whit and comments take me by surprise and usually make me cry laughing. I can't say the same for his school teachers. Though they like him too. Except for that one, but then she got fired, right? hahah Everyone loves Chase and his awesome piano music that fills the house. Yeah, he passed me in skill when he was 8 and I was 16..hmm a little more ambition? or skill? or prodigy-ness? Yeah, probably all of that. Please go read Dani's post to find out more about him and to see some darling pictures of the handsome fellow.
I'm sad we can't all be there with you on your birthday, but we're thinking of you!


Tsunami Madness

Hi, Everyone my friend Elliott from TN is serving in Samoa on his mission right now. This is the account of him during the tsunami. The first letter his mom put out to reassure everyone of his safety, the second one I have on here is from a senior couple that was forwarded to Elliott's mom. Please pray for the people over in the Pacific Isles.
Friends and family, Elliott just called from Samoa still in shock but safe. He relayed what just took place during the tsunami and I wanted to pass the info along while it is fresh. I am still in shock and am trying to focus. I will send out an email and post this info on Facebook so you may get a duplicate.I was just at a meeting when my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number so I almost didn't pick it up. But the ladies in my meeting encouraged me to so I did. It was Elliott calling from Samoa sounding a little in shock and raspy. Here is what happened and I'm still reeling from relief and gratitude. Yesterday morning at 6:48 Elliott was in the shower when the 8.3 quake hit. He said it was strong but not destructive. He and his companion got a laugh at the thought of him in the shower during an earthquake. They were staying in the home of another family in the village of Malaela on the southeast coast of Upolu. Just as he was drying off and getting his underwear on a family member from the house was up working on a hill and called down that a tsunami was coming. Elliott didn't think it was serious but threw on some shorts and his white mission shirt. He went outside to see what was going on and saw people running and screaming toward the forest. He grabbed some sneakers and started running too. He picked up some kids and started running with them. His companion turned around and the water was right behind them. There was no high ground to go to so they ran to some trees and climbed them. As he got up in the tree the water hit the tree and started rising quickly. He said the water came up about 5 feet and started pulling on the tree. He was afraid the tree would be pulled out and taken out to sea. Pretty soon the water receded and they got down from the tree and ran deeper into the woods. His companion thought they should stay in the woods through the day and not go down to the beach which made Elliott mad. He thought they should go into the village and try to help. Finally later in the afternoon they went down to their village and the whole village including their home (which was made of cynder block and wood) and all their belongings were swept out to sea. They did the best they could to try and find debree and other things but did not find anything. There were people in the distance picking up dead bodies. Around 4:00 2 other missionaries happened to be going by and saw Elliott and his companion. They were able to help some and then took Elliott and his companion to Apia to the mission home which is where he is now. They were able to shower and eat and he is borrowing some clothing. He is still getting transfered in 2 days to Pago Pago as was planned. The day of the quake was transfer day meaning missionaries change locations and companions. His friend Elder Larsen was coming in on a ferry from Western Samoa during the quake and when the ferry got to the port they saw the water emptying out and the ferry was able to back out and avoid the shore. Elliott said from the time of the quake until the tsunami hit was 6 minutes. The patriarch and his wife perished in the tsunami. The temple was not damaged but the trumpet fell off of the angel Moroni. Elliott noted that had the man on the hill not called to warn them or had the earthquake been in the middle of the night the situation would have been much different for him.During the drive to Apia another alarm went off and people were running and screaming so they floored the car to get out of the area but it was a false alarm.
He is sunburned and tired. He's lost his clothing, camera, journal, scriptures, notes, study material, toletries and travel documents.He wanted to know if it was on the news here and I told him it was and that friends and family have been calling from all over to make sure he was ok. I told him to be strong and that we love him and and for him to help in the recovery. I can't believe how close we came to losing him. I wasn't worried when I heard about the quake but then when I heard about the tsunami and knowing that his last location had been on the southeast coast I was very very scared. He said he and his companion got the worst of it but noted another set of missionaries were driving and a wave hit their car and tossed them but they are fine.
He said he figured I was worried and I said it wasn't like he had a cold or something. I told him that Sage was warning me throughout the day that he would be mad if he knew I was worrying. Sage said she now understands why we pray every day and that it does help. Thanking you all for your nice words of comfort and love. I'll let you know if anything new comes of Elliott's life changing experience. Angie
Here's the Sr. couple's letter that has a bit about Elliott @ the end as well:
A friend of mine just forwarded this letter from a missionary couple in Samoa. At the bottom of their letter they tell of Elliott's experience. I am trying to document all of this information so Elliott has it when he gets home. We just wanted to up date all of you on our day. After getting back to our home, that was undamaged thank goodness. We had breakfast and then decided to check out the rest of the island to see if there was any bad damage that the Church needed to help with. The news here was terrible and we didn't know much of anything. We left around 1pm and drove to the other side of the island where the wave would hit first. At first we weren't seeing anything but the further along that side we went the more damage we found. We eventually came upon a village that was mostly wiped out. Then another and the further down the island we got, the worse it became. as we got closer to the end of the island a big trunk passed up with with people standing in the back in hospital gowns. As it went by we realized that if had dead bodies laying in the back. This sent a chill up our spines. As we went further the devastation was total. Every village was gone. Not a wall or stick left standing. Most of the beach areas were gone and the ocean was a sea of debris with everything from peoples lives scattered across the waves. Cars were on the beach, up in trees and piled on top of each other. The people of the village were searching through the debris or the standing water looking for loved ones or remnants of their lives. The look on their faces was one of shock with many just staring off into the distance. Much of the road was gone and we had to drive into what was left of villages to keep going. Eventually we came to the LDS Chapel that we knew was there. Much to our sadness it too was destroyed. This entire area was one that we had visited many times so we knew all too well what had been there just hours before. As evening was approaching, we drove back to Apia mostly in silence, wondering what these poor people would do tonight and tomorrow and until more help arrives. Virtually every thing they own including many of their loved ones is gone. As we drove along the north side of the island which was untouched, we noticed that the people seem in some urgent almost panic situation. We couldn't understand this as they were safe and the tsunami had missed them. They were carrying their belongings along the road and some were piled in pickup trucks. As we came into Apia the police were blocking the intersections and told us we had to get to higher ground. We asked them why and were told that another earth quake had hit and they feared another tsunami was on the way. Once again the streets were filled with people carrying emergency supplies and heading for higher ground. It was like a scene from a horror movie. We were out of gas and the gauge was flashing its warning. All the stations were long since closed and we had no option but to get as far inland as we could. I really didn't think that anything was coming our way because the first one was on the other side of the island and I was sure that this one would be the same. We felt so bad for those poor people who were still in shock from the first one and now perhaps another was coming their way. And it was getting dark. Can you even imagine, sitting on the bare ground, where your home used to be, its getting dark, you have nothing for warmth or protection and the tsunami sirens start wailing again. Lucky for all of us, it was a false alarm and nothing came. We returned to our home and started calling other senior missionaries. The stories they had to tell would scare you to death. Two of our missionaries were just getting dressed when they heard a horn blowing. Someone yelled that a tsunami was coming and they ran outside to see in coming right at their front door. They took off running with the water lapping at their heals. They caught up with three little kids running for their lives and scooped them up and kept running. Just was the water was over taking them they came to a tree and swung the kids and themselves into the branches. As the water rose they climbed higher praying all the way. When they could go no further they closed their eyes and prayed even harder. As they opened them they saw the water stop just at their feet and start to recede. They had made it but their home was totally destroyed. Just two more minutes and they both would have died in their home. Two other missionaries on the other island Savaii got a call from the mission office and ran out to their van just in time for the wave to hit them. It carried them inland for a hundred yards or so and set them back down. The Van was totaled but they both walked away safe and sound. All our missionaries are safe but unfortunately many others died today including many of our members. American Samoa is all but destroyed. Much of Samoa, both islands, are seriously damaged with considerable loss of life. We also just heard that Tonga was also hit and people have died there as well. Please remember the people of the pacific islands in your prayers. This has been one tough day. Love you all.
Elliott (and I guess some other members) in the debris outside the demolished chapel.
Okay, Rachel back, please remember these people in your prayers.
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