Welcome to Orangeville

So, this weekend is on my list of tops. I took a little roadtrip 2 hrs south to Orangeville, Utah to visit Weston. It was such a beautiful drive! Weston's parents were going up to Ogden, so Saturday morning they brought his GPS to me in Provo. It was so nice! I was able to follow that through the mountains. Weston hurt his ankle Thursday night, so we took it a little easy all day. Started out w/ a nice subway lunch. Yum! Nextly, Braveheart. Which is now added to my list of favorite movies. It's incredible. Here's a picture of the little gimp soakin up all the TLC. [This doesn't do his ankle/foot justice...it was sick & huge] Later that night we took a drive up in the Cottonwood Canyon for a couple hours. Taylor Swift & Brandon Heath came along with us. Weston was trying to test my nerves, I swear....I only closed my eyes a few times. I think he has a little too much faith in Roxy [that's the name of his lovely jeep]. We were so excited that there was snow in the mountains! It goes in the memory books as the first day I played in the snow in the winter of 09-10. It was so beautiful. This was my first snowball. I almost feel bad for hitting the helpless and immobile target, but not really. [I know, I make really pretty faces] He loves his car....I like it too [& the driver]. [oh and please take time to admire the new rims, apparently a new set of wheels is like a new hair do] This picture doesn't do the mud justice. I don't know about you, but I'm really feelin the flamingo stance. After driving around and fillin back up w/ some gasoline we headed up to Price for Kellie's choir concert...which we missed because we couldn't find it. But, Weston was making us dinner that night so we made a little pit stop at the walmart up there! Where do mini bananas come from? Dinner was amazing. He sauteed chicken, onions and mushrooms and baked potatoes on the side. 11pm dinner never tasted so good! We stayed up late talking and thanks to my internal alarm clock, I got no sleep last night. But it was really fun. Basically, I was spoiled rotten and it was an amazing weekend at the Brinkerhoff home! I left their house around 12 & headed straight for Sandy for Sister Anna-Banana Thurston's farewell open house. I stopped in Provo to pick up Em. It was so good to see Anna. She's going to tear it up in Italy in a couple of months. She heads into the MTC @ 1:30 this Wednesday. xoxoI'msohappy p.s. Super freaking HUGE thanks to Syd for letting me borrow her car while she was in Vegas with her sisters this weekend. p.s.s. Sorry if parts of this are really lame & incomprehensible. I'm really tired.


  1. RacH!
    Is there anything I need to know about this Weston?
    Glad to know you had a good weekend.

    p.s. we still need to chat

  3. Loved the pictures, Rachel! Really happy that you had such a good weekend. You look absolutely smashing in that last picture! I just love that red jacket on you! Don't ever apologize for your blog, it is interesting and fun to read and especially, to see your fun pictures you always post.

  4. :)

    p.s. I love having lunch with you

  5. Thanks for giving us even more! Love the weekend rundown...and the pictures!

  6. I loved the additonal insight on your trip, Rachel. Just fun to read and enjoyed the great pictures. I remember the mountains around Price, too, from way back when I was a student at BYU.

  7. oh rach i'm so glad you were able to have such a good weekend. and thanks for taking such good care of my car! i love you and i'm so happy that you are happy and having fun in life :)


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