I'm a Wuss

I'm the first to admit it.
Last night Sydney actually used the covers. She was cold! I was so happy. We had a mini dance party, but that was just because Mitch is getting home tonight and she's extatic, but I was celebrating because she was actually cold! hoorah!
She does have blood running through her veins!
In the health center the whole front reception area of the building is glass. It is a blessing and a curse. Sunny days, it looks beautiful, but can be such a tease, because I'd rather be outside than behind the desk. Snowy days I know what is ahead of me....such as today.... That's right, as I type this lovely post the snow is falling...it gets me SO excited...until I remember how much I get to hike in it and how much I hate cold weather. Please check out my new friend Deidre's post about snowy weather [refer to rule #8]. It's very true. Except for I'm the one always complaining. I come from Tennessee, where yes, it gets cold, but it does not snow. When I was home for summer the missionaries were asking spencer if he likes the snow & he said when there is enough to sled, yes. They died laughing, bc where they're from when it snows there is always PLENTY for sledding. & because if there isn't enough to sled, it's usually not considered snow. The kind of snow that happens maybe once a winter & completely shuts down Franklin for days is currently happening in provo. If you squint & look at a black car you can maybe see a few flakes. However, my goal is to remain positive, when in reality, right now I want to cry, not because of the snow we're getting right now, but just because I know I'll be trudging to & from work in it all year. WAAAAAAAHHHH. Okay, I'm done whining [for now].
p.s. I don't want anyone to think I'm totally miserable and pessemistic. If I have someone with me, I'm as happy as a peach. However, I am VERY alone on those freezing cold mile walks back to campus after work. But this year is going to be different. I've been packing jeans to work. Now the only goal is to pray not to fall on the ice :)
p.s.s. Mitch lands in TN @ 3pm today. I wish I was there for his homecoming. I will be in spirit. Hoorah for the 2 year honorable mission he served. Sorry, California, but I'm happier than you are sad. My boy is alive & well & 2 years older. & HOME!!


  1. CA Will miss his very footsteps PATICULARY the Barstow 1st Ward YW bahahahaa we love you Mitch!

  2. what the....you were celebrating because i was finally cold?? rude. but i don't blame you, it was probably the first night i didn't ask to open the window!
    i love you rach[e]
    you're the bestest friend anyone could ask for and a fantastic roomie. i love sharing a bed with you. even when you get mad at me for breaking your own lightbulb......rude!


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