The Little Brother in Town

Spencer came in town this weekend and I got to hang out with him a couple times. It was so fun! Thursday night him and his priest quorum that he came out with went to the football fireside and then we met up with them at Cafe Rio afterwards. Friday was Chase's birthday so we took a picture for him. Us with the Grayson boys Paul and Dan, we were in the same ward in Florida as babies. Spencer and Paul were blessed in the same sacrament meeting as babies. Then same ward in Tennessee and now we had a little reunion in Utah! Us with the Winstead Hill priest quorum at the football game! The handsome baby brother. Marching Band's #1 fans. Sisters. @ the USU game. Thanks for the bracelet Jason! Enjoy Conference! xoxo


  1. These pictures are wonderful! So fun to see while I am sitting in my living room in Tennessee. You all look so great! Rachel, the hat thing is really cute and kinda flirty! If I was a girl Spencer's age I would be swooning over him for sure!

  2. Fun post...I cracked up at Kenz's picture...he kinda looks retarded there...think he was trying for that! I wish I could have been with you all!


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