This weekend...

...was a good one.
Friday Syd & I went to Kristie & Wes' house in Salem.
It was fun.
Jake is the cutest toddler. Ever.
I hope my babies are half as cute.
Saturday morning Kristie did my hair. She's amazing.
Went from this:
Ratty, Brown & Damaged (please excuse my swollen red eyes and makeup-less face, thanks)
To This:
Big, Blonde & Beautiful :)
Kristie is the best!
While @ Kristie's, Weston called & wanted to meet up. So after we got back to Provo I ran errands with Weston & his mom. She's really funny. After that Syd and I went to the lib, printed & copied the sacrament program. We then went to the creepy welding building where she has 3D to take photos of her projects for her presentation. We got a little carried away with the awesome little photo room: We then went to smith's & got the goods to make Kieli's birthday cake. I have to say, I'm pretty proud, it turned out good. Then we went and partied with Kieli & amigos all night. I went home with my infected eye & congestion. Then Sunday I tripped down the stairs on my way to church. Went to church with a skinless leg. It was hilarious though. My black stilettos looked like witch shoes bc the points got all wrinkled and bent. Then we had a photoshoot with some our freshman friends:
oh & p.s. Yesterday I waited for 2.5 hrs to be seen in the UVMC InstaCare for my eye disease. Everyone there sounded and looked like they were dying. Good thing the health center has built up my immunity or I would probably be on my deathbed there.
The Dr. came in the room and said "THANK YOU FOR NOT HAVING THE FLU!"
hah I have to say the health center here is SLAMMED too w/ people who have the flu.
Words of advice. They can't do anything to help you with the flu, but to tell you you have the flu, which if you have it, you probably know. So drink lots of water take tylenol and just lay until you're better. :) Dr.'s isn't always necessary
p.s.s. Mitch is home 3p.m. 1 week from today.


  1. Thanks for adding that bit about the flu because i have it yuckkyyy lol.Whoo fo you 1 week! :)

  2. He comes home an hour and half after I leave. I invited him to my farewell!!! Good luck seeing him!

    word verification: snute


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