Falling Leaves

So, pretty much I'm really lame, but sometimes I think I'm really funny.
I don't realize how weird I am till I step out of my own head for a second and realize that what went through my head isn't 'normal'.
SO, I love fall season. I love the crisp air, the pink, orange, yellow and red leaves. I love the birds that are freaking out about whether or not to migrate, most of them do except the dumb ducks @ the biology pond. Please refer here to a previous post on these lovely birds. And I love stepping on leaves.
So, often times in my head when I say something like oh a bird, if the rythym of the statement sounds like one from a song I'll start singing the words to that song. Or if it rhymes with a movie quote I'll put it to that part in my head.
Anyway, you get the idea. So, yesterday I was walking to campus after work and was stepping on every leaf I passed on the sidewalk. Something satisfying in the crunch. I started singing "I'm leaf-stomping, leaf, leaf-stompiiiin, leaf-stompin, leaf, leaf-stompiiiin". Sung to the tune of "show stoppin".
happy fall.


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