Happy Birthday to the Little Man!

Today Chase is 13...wait, what? I still remember the day Mrs. Pagan came up to me at lunch and told me that my mom had the 'baby'. The poor child has been teased relentlessly but is a family favorite. Talk about the kid that came out of the womb singing. He's a little musical genius and so fun to be around. He always makes everyone laugh. I have to say his whit and comments take me by surprise and usually make me cry laughing. I can't say the same for his school teachers. Though they like him too. Except for that one, but then she got fired, right? hahah Everyone loves Chase and his awesome piano music that fills the house. Yeah, he passed me in skill when he was 8 and I was 16..hmm a little more ambition? or skill? or prodigy-ness? Yeah, probably all of that. Please go read Dani's post to find out more about him and to see some darling pictures of the handsome fellow.
I'm sad we can't all be there with you on your birthday, but we're thinking of you!


  1. Soooo fun, Rach. I love your post! You are clever-we will miss having 1/2 of the family here for his b-day...


  2. It is 2:00 AM and I am still not in bed but I had to check THE blogs before slumberland. This was a really great post, Rachel. You have a gift with words like Danielle. We missed all three of you guys when we went out for Chase's b-day tonight. I think he had fun though. I hate it that there are so many family members all over the place. I just want them by my side so I can see them and talk to them. Lots of love sent your way!


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