oh dear. I'm dying. Just kidding. I'm not. I just like being dramatic.
I do, however, have a cold. And that REALLY annoying eye infection is back..but hey, I can't complain because it left for a good solid 3 weeks...gay.
AND it is such a blessing that working at the health center all I have is a cold, especially with all the hundreds of people that come in on their sickly death beds.
Oh, and I look like a piece today. And I was asked to work at the front desk.
hahah let's just say it's a good thing I'm not the health center poster child.


  1. o.k. we must talk about "the eye"!

  2. Rachel, please, please do not procrastinate getting your eye treated! That is so scarey to me! Sorry you are not feeling well. I guess you are in a place where you can pick up stuff in that health center. Sherry Corley just put on FB that her little Parker has the Swine Flu.

  3. rachel! i feel ya...i am also an invalid little girl. colds are the worst! also i had a weird eye infection last year...the health center told me it was pink eye but a real doctor diagnosed it as something else and made it get better. good luck!


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