I have the most wonderful family. I am so grateful for them. My mom is always there with good advice or just a listening ear. She's the best. And I love her enthusiasm of being involved with what I'm involved in. She's the world's best mom. My dad is always thoughtful and listens, but is also really good with logistics and he's very smart. And not just for a farmer boy :) My grandmother is all smiles and empathy all the time. She's always there for words of affirmation, even if I'm not deserving. Dani is always there for a reality check, but also has become very understanding of my emotionalness. She's my best friend. Spencer makes me laugh with just about everything he says and he's my best bud. Chase is always there with a hug and any game that I'll ever want to play, he'll want to play it to. Also, he's such a good sport. He's the sunshine of the family. Bella's been a great addition to my family and she was my one and only this summer. xoxo I can't wait for us to all be together at Christmas.


  1. reality check: my description is the lamest.

  2. Ahh..thanks Rach...how sweet of you to say! Love you too!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Rachel. I love that I get to spend time with you and your wonderful family and it will be super nice to see you at Christmas! I almost feel like a Stolworthy and since so many people will mistakenly call me Sis. Stolworthy... Christmas will be here before you know it!!!


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