I mean, this animal is pretty great and all,
but it's a lot better when it looks like this.
Can't wait for Thanksgiving.
If anyone wants to add to Sydney's and my thanksgiving fund, we are taking donations. :)


  1. ok...how much do you need, $200, $300? you're pullin at my heartstrings...I'm missin ya already! I know you and Sydney and your bird will have a fun time...we are having a lean/green tgiving...maybe you're glad you're not coming :)

  2. We are definately going to have a different Thanksgiving this year. Sad but true. It will keep us all on target through the holidays though and that is a good thing. We are going to miss you like crazy, Rachel, but I understand your need to do the things you do.

  3. hahah well we'll definitely be having pumpkin pie! lol but we might have to use some of your lean/green tgiving meal recipes! and mom, we take minimum donations of $5,000. :) just kidding a dollar or two, we're just going to get turkey and who knows what else, we'll be cooking in our aprons. We were thinking of having our actually meal the day after and working at a soup kitchen or something on actual thanksgiving, I'm pretty excited! I'll miss the fam of course, but I'm glad dani can go home, she needs it more, yall will have lotsa fun!

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  5. My side of the family is gathering in Provo this year for Thanksgiving. If you want FAMILY and FOOD stuff, you and Sydney are welcome to come. Just let us know - Giulia, or Keith and Keri, or Daniel, or me!
    Aunt Connie ;->

  6. Thanks Aunt Connie, that's really nice, we're actually going to do a soup kitchen on actual thanksgiving day, but celebrate it the day after, but hopefully I'll be able to see you while you're here!


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