Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Well, I'm working down at the Urgent Care this morning. I got a call from the front desk from Betsy and she said for me to meet Kim @ the front nurse's station to get the h1n1 vaccine. whaaat? Well, I signed my soul away in a waiver and got it. So, let's pray that it was all properly tested and won't kill me!
Also, the Dr.'s put out a piece of paper today that we can hand to patient's. It's the greatest invention ever. Basically it says, you may have the flu if you have 'such and such' symptoms. You do not need medical attn., however, unless you have 'such and such' symptoms. And if you don't have those just stay home, rest, drink lots of fluids, take 'such and such' amount of tylenol and you'll be fine. They say to take ibuprofen first, if that doesn't settle well with you, turn to Tylenol, but avoid aspirin.
It's going to be great for many reasons. It will keep patients flowing through so that those who really need care can be seen, it will save the patients money, and it will save the dr.'s & receptionists sanity.
p.s. it's been cloudy here the past few days and I have LOVED it. Utah doesn't get too many cloudy days and I really appreciate them, when they come!

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  1. Send us the email about the flu symptoms and the cures, please, Rachel. I am so afraid I will get it. Not the H1N1 but the plain ole' flu. I hope to get a shot for that Friday. It appears as if people my age have some immunity to the H1N1 flu but young people and people your age are susceptible. I am so glad you got the shot!


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