Positively Positive!

Well, after many tears, let downs, and phone calls, I am going to look at a wonderful townhouse down by center street @ 6 tonight. I've prayed long and hard about finding a 'good' place for us to live. It's been exhausting emotionally and physically. However, after I decided to not be so down about it and think more positively, it has gone a TON smoother. Afterall, I'm not completely homeless, we still have the pink house...
Wish me luck, I hope the townhouse this afternoon is what we're looking. I hope that I will be a good rep for syd and I as tenants and that everything goes well :)
It's been a long housing journey...
...who knew it would last from april to august?


Consider #3 edited

Updates on the pink house: We were promised the upstairs when we decided to live there, it's very nice, found out midsummer that we were now in the basement, which we had both not looked at.
Well....ladies and gents I have had the most overwhelming past week EVER. Well, probably not ever, but it's up there. I got my wisdom teeth out a couple weeks ago and it went well I guess, recovery took longer than I expected and hoped, but it did happen. Plus, Dad and I had some fun times together we watched movies @ night and played scrabble! I barely made it onto my plane Friday morning and I was off to Utah. Flight went well and it was my first direct flight ever...probably the nicest thing in the world, thanks Dad! I got to salt lake, hopped into a taxi van and headed to Provo. I arrived at the pink house and was greeted by the homeowners. I went inside and the upstairs was a dream...then I headed to the basement where my lodging is. Ummm not so much. Rent is $215...amazing deal, I consider myself a pretty frugle person, but I am attesting to the fact that that 215 was not worth that basement spot for me, I could have made do w/ the 5 1/2 ft ceilings and dark dungeony feel, that can be altered. I could deal w/ the 20 min water heater, I can deal w/ no dishwasher or w/d....I can work w/ all that...I just could not do the bathroom. This bathroom could literally probably hold 5 bodies in it squished from wall to wall w/ one person standing on the toilet and it was the most horrific site i've ever seen...location of the house is great, cost is great everything like that is great...but I cannot do that bathroom...so now I am camping out at my sisters and am currently homeless. I am searching for 2 apartment spots, one for me and one for my loverly roomate....I feel like I've been to hell and back already on this search, yet it is still unsuccessful...please everyone, in all seriousness, pray for me. I'm praying hard and searching hard, currently no success, but I know it will work out.


Pumped for Fall '09

Top Things I'm Anticipating Thus Far: 1. Football; duh. 2. Lots of wedding receptions; For 3 reasons: a. free food b. dress up c. dancing 3. Pink House; 4. Finally jumping into MY major courses...GE's had started digging my grave; 5. Mitch's return from his mish;
can't wait. but don't sweat it, i'm definitely living up the 'now', i'm just excited.
and i'll give more details later, but heads up, i'm on the hunt for a nice, spacious, non-potato-sack-looking, not-going-to-empty-my-savings backpack, any tiparoos on where to find one of those? thanks! xoxo


Aunt Anne and Uncle George came up and visited us this weekend. We were all down in my grandmother's living room when Uncle George burst in saying Scott Pederson had died. Our jaws dropped. He's my mom's cousin, I don't remember him from when I was little except what we have in home videos, but it made me so sad. Uncle George was real torn up by it, as I know the rest of the family is. Please try to keep his, especially, immediate family, wife and 3 sons, in your prayers. He drowned Saturday in St. George, UT when he jumped into a mountain lake to help his boys out of the water. Coming from Florida, I guess he didn't realize the affect the cold mountain water would have on his body.
Here's the article in the Salt Lake Tribune: http://www.sltrib.com/ci_12871728


I wish I could smile harder!

Due to the wisdom teeth extraction and the extreme happiness I've had in the past few days, I feel like my smile can't express enough. 1. I can't even say how much I love my family. How I could just cry anytime I think about how much I love them. I wrote a card to my mom when I was 5 that we've kept through the years. It says, "I love you so much, I could squish you like a lady bug" We all laugh so hard about it, but I think about how that simple phrase describes how I feel more than any other choice of words could. The kind of love that as a 5 yr old you find a lady bug and you are so excited and love that lady bug so much you just can't control yourself and unintentionally squish it between your forefinger and little thumb. I've been in a ladybug sort of love with my family this entire summer. It has been peaceful and wonderful (helps that I've matured a little too). 2. I have been spending this last portion of my summer doing my least favorite thing ever; job hunting. Countless resume submissions and application forms. Multiple phone interviews and other fun side requirements. I called the Health Center a couple weeks ago to ask Daneen for her permission to be my professional references. She told me that a couple main people left the health center, but they were denied the ability to hire new employees; technically I had never been terminated, so I was still on the job 'roster'. She told me to call her this week and touch base w/ her. With no expectations, I called the Health Center yesterday and spoke to Betsy....She said they found out that morning that they can hire me again. Needless to say, I wanted to smile so hard my face felt like it might explode, with or w/o swollen jowels. Daneen called me this morning and said I could start Monday. I told her I needed to take a fieldtrip via uta buses to walmart to get staple items, so Monday probably wouldn't work. But ladies and gentlemen, Tuesday I get to restart at my fabulous job. I am blessed far more than I deserve and I am seriously being looked out for. I receive blessing after blessing and boy am I grateful for it. 3. I got a flight for Sunday mornin @ 6am to head back to Utah. I'll miss my family, but be at peace, knowing I had the greatest summer of my life. I am also excited to go join Kristin in Provo and enjoy Utah's summer nights! 4. My mom and I have been making an apron. It's been so fun having her teach me more about something she enjoys so much, but doesn't have much time for. It's meant so much her taking the time out of her busy schedule to teach me what to do. I've had the best summer with her, chatting about who-knows-what til who-knows-when and watching So You Think You Can Dance with her (including all the tryout episodes) and Grandmother has also recently joined us! I'm so blessed to have such loving and righteous examples in my life! 5. I'm so blessed to be surrounded with such wonderful friends too. Just thought I'd share a few of the reasons I have been smiling intensely on the inside.


4 teeth less wise

Got my wisdom teeth out today. Dani captured the essence of it perfectly. Disclaimer: It's not too pretty Click HERE. xoxo



This has been a fabulous summer, but I have been slacking on my blogging.
A few updates:
1. I had a great birthday and was thoroughly spoiled by my fam and friends!
2. My 12 yr old brother asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend @ the pool.
3. I got a retainer and now have a perma-lisp.

Picture Perfect

Sydney came and graced my home w/ her lovely presence. She was a huge hit. Everyone loved having her happiness here. She left again this morning...reeally early and I'll see her again in exactly 4 weeks. Wild! Here's some pics from her fabulous stay!
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