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Updates on the pink house: We were promised the upstairs when we decided to live there, it's very nice, found out midsummer that we were now in the basement, which we had both not looked at.
Well....ladies and gents I have had the most overwhelming past week EVER. Well, probably not ever, but it's up there. I got my wisdom teeth out a couple weeks ago and it went well I guess, recovery took longer than I expected and hoped, but it did happen. Plus, Dad and I had some fun times together we watched movies @ night and played scrabble! I barely made it onto my plane Friday morning and I was off to Utah. Flight went well and it was my first direct flight ever...probably the nicest thing in the world, thanks Dad! I got to salt lake, hopped into a taxi van and headed to Provo. I arrived at the pink house and was greeted by the homeowners. I went inside and the upstairs was a dream...then I headed to the basement where my lodging is. Ummm not so much. Rent is $215...amazing deal, I consider myself a pretty frugle person, but I am attesting to the fact that that 215 was not worth that basement spot for me, I could have made do w/ the 5 1/2 ft ceilings and dark dungeony feel, that can be altered. I could deal w/ the 20 min water heater, I can deal w/ no dishwasher or w/d....I can work w/ all that...I just could not do the bathroom. This bathroom could literally probably hold 5 bodies in it squished from wall to wall w/ one person standing on the toilet and it was the most horrific site i've ever seen...location of the house is great, cost is great everything like that is great...but I cannot do that bathroom...so now I am camping out at my sisters and am currently homeless. I am searching for 2 apartment spots, one for me and one for my loverly roomate....I feel like I've been to hell and back already on this search, yet it is still unsuccessful...please everyone, in all seriousness, pray for me. I'm praying hard and searching hard, currently no success, but I know it will work out.

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :(
    my brain hurts from searching.
    thanks for the edit.


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