Pumped for Fall '09

Top Things I'm Anticipating Thus Far: 1. Football; duh. 2. Lots of wedding receptions; For 3 reasons: a. free food b. dress up c. dancing 3. Pink House; 4. Finally jumping into MY major courses...GE's had started digging my grave; 5. Mitch's return from his mish;
can't wait. but don't sweat it, i'm definitely living up the 'now', i'm just excited.
and i'll give more details later, but heads up, i'm on the hunt for a nice, spacious, non-potato-sack-looking, not-going-to-empty-my-savings backpack, any tiparoos on where to find one of those? thanks! xoxo


  1. Danielle said you are living in a flamingo house this fall, is that true?? I am having a flamingo themed birthday party for Tempe. Any ideas?

  2. hah I am living in a flamingo house this fall! You could play pin the beak on the flamingo or pin the bent leg on the flamingo. You could also put little paper di-cuts of flamingos on the backs of each chair. You could have so much fun making a cute flamingo cake or a blue cake w/ little plastic flamingo figures in it or something. What a fun birthday party theme!

  3. love the fall already.
    can't help you on your hunt.
    miss you!


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