Roadtrip to South Carolina, anyone?

We drove to South Carolina last weekend.
I cannot tell you how much it does for my soul to be back in the south.
Home sweet home.
Ivy was such a trooper on our 7 hour drive.
She passed out when we got to the hotel & slept till the next morning. Her first night of sleeping through the night & man it was incredible.
The next morning her & I had some hang out time at the hotel. It was so fun.
I love this sweet baby of mine.

On the drive back to TN she was a little less than thrilled. 14 hr driving time with a 10 week old in 24 hrs is ROUGH on the second night.. Poor girl.
I did my best, though.
We played with a rattle for an hour straight.
By play I mean I shook it so she'd have something shiny to catch what little light came into the car & some noise to keep her interested.
& then when that was not fun anymore I played peek a boo...etc, etc, etc.
All of which was in the dark.
FINALLY I pulled out my phone & played the Frozen trailer for her on YouTube.
She watched it for an hour straight, I just kept replaying & replaying it.
She'd be crying her heart out & as soon as it started she'd stop & watch the screen. & smile at it.
(btw that movie is an absolute favorite. You need to go see it. But not the illegal one for free on Facebook. Let's be real, that's uncool.) Go see the movie & then buy it when it comes out. It is that good!
Right before our drive home!

iPhone dump.

She's into the whole camo thing.
Mission accomplished.
I just love this sweet face.
These are moments I never want to forget!
We watched the Bachelor wedding.
Ivy was unimpressed.
Don't worry, Sean, I'm a huge fan.
Did anyone watch?
If that was not the sweetest thing. Hooray for marriage & hooray for family & the awesome example that wedding set on mainstream cable. Hallelujer.
Really this is my favorite thing to be up for in the middle of the night!
My cousin Keri got these jammies for Ivy & they're the sweetest.

Ivy has had a little eye bug & on top of that is teething. 
What, double what?
She has been drooling for 3 weeks now & has just started fussing.
We'll know for sure when one of those puppies starts to poke through!
My twin uncles teethed at 2 months, so I guess it's possible! She may have a tooth poking through by 3 months!
This outfit kills me.
My mom got it for her for her baby shower & she's fitting in it now. It's so adorable.
Also, she wears two different sizes on her top and bottom half. It's hilarious.
I love my giant headed, pot-bellied baby!

I love this time so much.
& this.


Life As Of Late (some more)

She likes to hang with the big kids & play Catan.
This picture is hilarious. She looks like an owl.
& she LOVES bathtime.

Again, she LOVES bath time.


2 month pictures

I thought I'd share Ivy's 2 month pictures!

I knew I wanted her & then once we found out we were expecting her, couldn't wait for her, but what I didn't know was how much!
She is such a fun baby & a sweet little girl.
She loves talking & staring out the window at the trees. She loves being sung to & within the past couple weeks started mimicking faces & sounds (mostly just oohs, ahhs, sticking her tongue out, & smiling.)

I took her pictures today, because I all of a sudden had energy for it.... I knew if I didn't do them now I wouldn't get around to it & then all of a sudden she'd be 3 months old!  Poor thing felt so sick yesterday & the day before from shots. & then she's on a new formula her doctor recommended so now her stomach is hurting her...it's been a rough few nights & not as smiley of days, but she still finds plenty of time to smile & chat about her day.
Boy the things she'll be saying. Look out world, there's a funny little talker right around the corner.

 Like I said, not feeling too great all the time!

My awesome sister made her headband (again). Ivy loves wearing Auntie Deejy wear.


Photo Overload

I just wanted to share some of the joy this girl brings.
Ivy is a total gem.

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