Life lately has been a little crazy. I feel like the past 2 months have flown by. Two months ago from last Thursday I was put on bed rest. This coming up Thursday is 8 weeks since Ivy was born. It is pretty crazy to think about the past little bit of time. She is such a sweet-natured and patient baby. Lucky for me!

I feel like it has been a blur. Ivy was born, then we had to pack up our whole life out west. & then we moved back to TN & since then Weston has been job hunting & car hunting & I've been trying to unpack, etc, etc, etc. The days go by so fast! Ivy is so much fun & really showing her personality. She's the sweetest. & so funny. She loves to talk & smile. She even mimicks my sounds sometimes. It's adorable, really.

 I try really hard to do all the best things for her! I am also so lucky to have such an incredible husband, who is so supportive & helps me in the morning wake ups after I've done the middle of the night shift. I sure love him & her. I am also so lucky to have such supportive parents. We are living with them as of right now. My mom is so sweet & helps me with Ivy if I am needing like 20 extra hands. My dad is awesome & helping Weston car hunt & networking to find a job.  My grandmother is such a sweetie, too, & helps by lending an extra hand to hold Ivy. & my littlest brother Chase, who is actually 6'4.5" is a champion. He's such a helpful kid. Seriously sweet. He spent Christmas in Utah without a complain, because my parents wanted to help us get everything moved. It was all so priceless to have the help & support. Though, they weren't the ones that dragged me back to TN, I am drawn to want to be around them, because I love them so much & enjoy spending time with them! My familly is so great!  I'm missing my sister Danielle like crazy, this is the first time we've lived apart except for my senior year of high school when she was away for college. I miss her. & my little brother, Spencer, is in Mexico serving a mission. I miss him so bad! He gets home in May, though & I'm counting down!

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  1. This tender posting brought tears to my eyes! I love that you have such strong "LOVE" genes, Rachel! We appreciate wonderful you! Love having you all back here! Love you, Weston, and Ivy a lot!


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