Christmas in Bicknell

After our never ending packing job for our apartment. We drove our little loaded down care down to Bicknell to Weston's parent's house for Christmas!

Oh look, it's a Christmas themed Ivy blog post!
She's my favorite.
I take a lot of pictures of her. And she's pretty much my main focus of everything. Including this blog, apparently! I hope you enjoy!
Weston finally started feeling better after another huge sinus infection.
He was happy to be able to be around & hold Ivy again. He stayed distant while he was sick.
Weston's grandpa checkin out the first great grandbaby!
This face is too precious. This is her tiny little frowny face she makes when she is hungry.
Aunt Tasha getting lots of Ivy time!
Ivy loved hanging out with Tasha's puppy!
Just kidding. They were both sleeping so we stuck them together on the chair.
Her puppy is so cute, though. Ah, I love dogs.
We took family pictures on Christmas day.
Isn't she so precious.
I love this baby so much!
Again... so sad. I just want to kiss those cheeks!
Grandma Joanie got lots of fun Ivy time & soaked it up!
On Christmas we got to Skype w/ Spence in Mexico! I wasn't able to see any pictures & he wasn't able to see Ivy, either. But it was so good talking to him! This is what she did while we talked!
& this...
& this...
We played a lot of games & while we played Ivy slept.
That little rocking napper my coworker gave me has been the MVP of babyhood, as my mom says.
Seriously, it weighs about 2 pounds so I can carry it anywhere. It folds up flat. It vibrates. It cradles. It rocks. & Ivy LOVES it. Seriously. It's all she's ever slept on...well besides a luggage rack & a flat bed.
She started smiling more. Oh, I love that smile.
We love our Christmas present!
Aunt Kellie with Ivy while the rest of us played Ticket to Ride.
We had a great time being in Bicknell for Christmas! I sure enjoy spending time with Weston's family!

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