2 month pictures

I thought I'd share Ivy's 2 month pictures!

I knew I wanted her & then once we found out we were expecting her, couldn't wait for her, but what I didn't know was how much!
She is such a fun baby & a sweet little girl.
She loves talking & staring out the window at the trees. She loves being sung to & within the past couple weeks started mimicking faces & sounds (mostly just oohs, ahhs, sticking her tongue out, & smiling.)

I took her pictures today, because I all of a sudden had energy for it.... I knew if I didn't do them now I wouldn't get around to it & then all of a sudden she'd be 3 months old!  Poor thing felt so sick yesterday & the day before from shots. & then she's on a new formula her doctor recommended so now her stomach is hurting her...it's been a rough few nights & not as smiley of days, but she still finds plenty of time to smile & chat about her day.
Boy the things she'll be saying. Look out world, there's a funny little talker right around the corner.

 Like I said, not feeling too great all the time!

My awesome sister made her headband (again). Ivy loves wearing Auntie Deejy wear.


  1. My favorite is the last and of course I like her headband ;) I have a couple I forgot to give you! If you come and visit me I'll give them to you....

  2. Now Danielle, that is an offer no one could refuse, especially your sister who misses you so much! You lived together for so long at home, then close by while in college and now this! Hope you two get in a personal visit soon. I am crazy about this photo shoot, Rachel! Ivy makes for a perfect subject! Just ask her grandma, her great grandma, and her Mom. She is so adorable in these pictures; it would be hard to pick the favorite but I do love the headshots that bring her darling cute face in full focus! Congratulations in getting a great photo session in, Rachel!


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