Packing.... FOREVER.


Wow, we survived.

Monday morning the week before Christmas we started packing. My mom & I started. She was the most priceless help. Ah.
We packed for 2 days straight while Weston was taking his finals. His last finals of his under-grad degree. Hallelujah!
Then Tuesday night Weston started helping us pack, too. It was so good to have his help! I was mostly wasted from being up at night with Ivy.
We got it packed up. The ward came & helped us load our truck. After we actually got the truck. That was hang-up after hang-up. It was a nightmare. But we got it loaded & we left for Weston's parents house on Friday morning before Christmas. Then we stayed there through Christmas & left the next morning for our move!  I'll write about Christmas later!
We said our sad goodbyes to Weston's family & got an hour on the road & our car broke down.  As in it REALLY broke down. Our axle broke. So, there we sat in a national park with no cell service at 8am the day after Christmas. We couldn't get cell service to call 9-1-1 & the first car to drive by 10 minutes after drove right past Weston frantically waving his arms. We just needed them to call his dad once they got to cell reception area.

So, just picture this. I pulled Ivy out of her car seat so she wouldn't feel cramped in it while we weren't driving. I'm bawling. Weston is under the hood and body of the car trying to figure out our issue.  He finally decided to run up the mountain next to us to the peak for cell service. I'm freaking out thinking he's going to fall off the ridge & then I'd have a baby & a maimed husband laying at the foot on the other side of this mountain. I just wanted to curl in a ball and go to sleep. BUT he got cell service, called 9-1-1 who radioed his dad (he's a highway patrolman.) Weston's family came & got us with a trailer & loaded our broken car onto it. 

My parents were meeting us about 2 hours away with our moving truck & we already had a car hauling trailer because we were planning on towing our car home anyway, because my parents had another car.

It was the most horrible & eventful start to a move I could have drummed up. It was so nice of his family to come rescue us & so nice of my parents to first of all come out to help us move & spend Christmas away from home in order to help us move. Not to mention my mom who broke her back to get us packed & ready to move. She's amazing.

It has been a crazy month to say the very least.

One that I never want to repeat again, except for all the sweet moments with Ivy. She's the most incredible baby & I am head over heels

The packing was exhausting & the first 3 weeks of her life she slept for 5 or 6 hour stretches at night...(Lucky, I know) & then when packing week began she suddenly switched her days & nights... but it ended up being a total bonus, because she slept all day while we packed. Except I was a waste of space, because I was so tired & overwhelmed.


  1. Holy Moly!!! What a kick in the head! But what a great story to tell years down the road.....? :)

  2. Good to read this as I never got the complete story, only bits and pieces here and there it seems. My goodness, you have been in Stress City! Sad story but I bet this is a Christmas you won't forget! It feels so good to have ya'll here and so I hope you found it worth it all. You two are strong people and this only contributes to your strength and resourcefulness! You aren't quitters! Go after your dreams! Love you all!

  3. Wow, that seemed like a lot of work, and I bet it was as stressful as you explained it. But nonetheless, it looks like you guys had all the help you needed. And it’s nice that you managed to stay positive all throughout the experience. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

    Cayla Maggio @ NowThenTransmissions


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