Life: The real kind, the game kind, and the cereal kind.

Old Life
New Life
Wes & I finally pulled out our new Life game last night.  Dannielle and Parker gave it to us as a wedding gift along w/ some movies, candy & popcorn. It was a date night. Cutest gift ever.
Anyway, so Wes & I pulled it out yesterday afternoon.

It was so fun. & scarily close to real life.

Old Life had a career, a house & some other finer things.  New Life has bank loans, Student debt, Career, College Career, Starter Home, House, and other more intense cards attached.

We called it quits so we'd make it to Aunt Kathy's on time. All in all it was a fun game & I'm excited for next Sunday when we'll have time to play again!

Real life is better than the game. & comes in a very awesome tie with my fave kind of cereal. LIFE!  Yummo!



Don't worry, Wes called the Millard County rude lady back yesterday when we were driving to Joann's.  She was so kind to him. & yes it was the same woman. We had it on bluetooth in the car, so I was listening, too.  Essentially, he talked to her in the same tone I did, only slightly less frantic.  Don't worry, she waived the warrant and said just for me to call on Monday & work it out with Kayla Jackson.... WHAT THE HECK!  When I talked to her there was "nothing she could do." Nice. Reeeeal nice.
But atleast I won't be arrested this weekend!



Also, the interview with melelueca went well!
I actually really liked the job that I was being interviewed for!
The one I am a candidate for is the management trainee position, that I was super confused about.
But they explained it better, I'll train with the company in a few different departments, such as Marketing, Sales, Production, etc. & after 6-12 months I would be placed as a manager in one of the departments.
They also said that in the future they may take my idea of a health coordinator or director & put me in that position for the company! Either of those jobs sound awesome to me!
PRETTY SWEET, HUH!? :) I'm excited about it!  It's a great company w/ great benefits...but I'm still looking for other options to see if there are some others available that I would like better.
So these are my 2 favorite 90s movies.

Wes & I watched Andre last night & whenever I see a 90s movie again I talk about this, but back in the 90s movies most people didn't look perfect.
In Andre, the brother & sister always bicker & they're an average, happy family.
Movies today don't portray happy families.
They show either a family with kids & the family always seems crazy, and the "normal" people in the movies are always single, living with their boyfriend, or happily sleeping around. Great standards today's movies have.
Of course there are still great movies like 'Daddy's little girls' or 'Dan in Real Life', etc, but I'm just speaking for overall.
But also the dad in Andre is scrawny, with a comb-over and yellow teeth.  I think it's awesome!  They are average, still beautiful & handsome people, but naturally.  I miss that about those movies.  The people are more realistic.  The actors & actresses didn't lead teens, young adults or even adults to aspire to look like people who have had a boob job or a face lift or botox or anything like that.  Everyone looked different instead of trying to fit their bodies & faces into a cookie cutter placquered.

Prison orange is in, right?

So I got a ticket in November on our way to my inlaws for Thanksgiving.
My first speeding ticket EVER.
& the first time I've ever been pulled over for speeding.
Anyways, I wasn't given a copy of the citation, just an info sheet with the county office # for how to pay the ticket. I discussed w/ my UHP father-in-law what I should do about it. He said to ask for a plea & obeyance.  Basically I pay the ticket plus a fee & then it's wiped of my record so we won't have to pay more on our car insurance.  So I had 14 days to call the county office about it. I called them with in the 14.  So, I was good.  I was told I needed to speak to a specific lady attourney, she was in court that day, but they'd leave a message for her to call me when she's back in her office.  I never heard from her. SO, I called her a few weeks ago. I told her that someone said they'd leave a note, but I guess it never got to her, because I never heard from her.  She said she probably just hadn't gotten to it yet. She was nice. We discussed my clean driving record & about my options. There was no community service option, so I did the plea & obeyance. She said she'd do the paperwork & mail it to my Springville address.  We verified the address a couple times & it was totally correct.  I realized this week & thought, "Hmm...I just realized I never got that information in the mail from Mrs. Jackson in Millard County..."  But then I thought maybe the paperwork just took a while to do, I wasn't concerned, because I talked to her.
Then last night the husband & I are watching Andre. One of my favorite movies of all time. I cry every time.
I get a call from my mom in the middle of the movie. I was working on my sewing project & just about to get my elastic waistband through the hole when she called. So, I didn't answer. Then she texted me. After I got the waistband done I checked my phone. Awesome, this is the text I get, " Rachel...I got a horrible letter in the mail for you today about your ticket back in november. did you forget about that? looks like your license is suspended or that they can come and arrest you!"
I called her back. She read me the letter. I freaked out. But it was about 9:30 so the county offices were closed so I called them today.
I called the office that Kayla Jackson, the attourney for the city that I'd been working with transferred offices. Awesome.
And that she doesnt work there except MTW. And the lady said she didn't have any notes that Kayla had spoken with me or anything.  So, the lady gave me the number to the office Kayla now worked for.
I called it.  & Mrs. Grumpy-Mcgee answered the phone. I told her the situation.
She asked,"Well, if you spoke with her & didn't get anything in the mail how come you didn't call before now?"
"Because I forgot!"
& she just scoffed at me. I was so offended. I thought 'Sorry lady that I don't work in your court office and that I have work, school, internship interviews & meetings, job searches & interviews, school work, studying & a LIFE! & I'm sorry that I actually depend on people to do what they say they are going to do, and thought that the paperwork would actually COME!'
but I didn't say any of that. I just asked her if there was someone I could talk to or if there was anything to do to take care of it before Kayla is in.
Her response: "Well, the only person that can take care of it is Kayla, so you'll have to call on Monday, most likely there is a warrant out for your arrest already, so you'll just have to call on Monday."
"uhh...that's really serious, is there anyone I can talk to work this out"
"The state is closed on Friday so there's nothing you can do about it anyway?"
I extremely disliked that lady at that moment. 
I think that state or county job applications should have the following question:
"Do you have a heart?"
Thank you so much for being so helpful and actually caring about other people. She needs a new job. or to be unemployed, I wouldn't mind that either, because apparently she isn't good at the job she currently has & helping the public.  I'm sad my ticket money is going to pay her her paycheck.
SO, currently I'm in hiding & figure it's probably best if i stay away from home, so they don't hunt me down at my Springville address. I hope no one knocks on my door before now & Monday morning & takes me out in cuffs. Otherwise this will be my weekend attire:

Of course, maybe I'd be bunking with someone like this.  I'll know not to tell her my boring sob story though.


Let me give you a little insight to me.
I wake up at 7 every morning for work. My body does good waking up at 7.
On weekends, sleeping in is hopeless.
BUT, now that we don't live in Provo, the commute is further. Not even a long commute, but it cuts into my 7a.m. sleep-in time. Meaning to get out the door ontime, I have to leave earlier.
Which is generally unsuccessful for me.
If I wake up a minute before 7 I am cranky, cranky, cranky, less than pleasant.
Garfield pretty much sums up my feelings.
Interview with Melaleuca today at 1, wish me luck!


Career Fair

So, today was the career fair.  I'm in a Career Strategies class that is required for my major.  It's STDV317.  I was skeptical of the awesomeness of this required course, but have loved EVERY lecture & highly recommend it to anyone in their last semester! Seriously!  
Anyway, so today was BYU's career fair.  It was required for the class that we go. I did research on all the companies that would be present & was a little flustered, because there were none in Idaho state, where I will be next year.  There were a ton of cool companies I would have loved to work for though.  So, there was only 1 company there that seemed to be in my field & it was the Melaleuca Wellness Company.  However, they were hiring for sales positions and other things. I'm aiming more towards the worksite wellness field.
Anyway, I did my research & wanted to talk to them, simply because their headquarters are in Idaho Falls.  I introduced myself to the guy standing there, I told him my interests & asked if their headquarters had any worksite wellness programs going on.  He explained their system to me, and how it works.  He asked me some questions about my experience, interests, etc.

Anyway, they have a work-site wellness through their own company, but he asked me if I'd be interested in another position that would fit me well.  He gave me more information about it & we talked for a minute more & he asked for my resume & asked me to interview with them tomorrow.  Backpacks weren't allowed inside, so I ran out ran to my backpack, got everything in order, brought my resume to him & he introduced me to their training woman.  I talked with her a little more about my leadership experience, ya dee ya....BASICALLY, I interview with them tomorrow & couldn't be more thrilled!
I literally went to that fair with the attitude that I'd love to get more information about these company's career opportunities, with the frustrations that only 2 of the companies were present in Idaho within a 2 hour range of Rexburg. & I was offered an interview! HOLY COWWWW!!!! I am so ecstatic!
The husband is still on the job search, but is interviewing with a couple places tomorrow & it is looking promising!

p.s. if Wes does end up landing a career or school in/near D.C. I am interested in applying for the FBI....it looks completely interesting!


2011 is so good to me!

Sunday drives are my absolute favorites.  Utah has some beautiful hidden beauties in the canyons.

 One week we had fun & made calzones for dinner a few nights that week...as embarrassing as it was, we had all the material & it was really fun...not 1 of them turned out the same!

The Calzone was about as big as me. & this is before it was cooked! Wes eats about 3/4....having such a big eater husband turns out good & bad
 Pathetic that most of this post is about food, but we went to P.F. Changs with some wedding gift cards to celebrate having Wes for about 3 weeks more. (When he was still going into the Navy)

Excited to be out on a date!

Happy he gets to eat lots of food.

Just ignore that I'm holding his hand weirdly.  It was such a fun night out.

The Headband I made!
We took a trip down to Emery & Wayne Counties to move his parents in with Grandpa Brink.
Papa Dave loading up the last trailer heading to Wayne.  He thought this looked a little redneck. hahahah

Wes, Uncle Reed, Momma Joan, & Grandpa Stevens

Wes & I in Springville Canyon

hahah I jumped a little too high on this one & right before this picture took I almost flipped over his shoulders.
Sorry these are the only pictures I have right now!  It has been a busy & fun few weeks in this new year!


Decisions Decisions

Sorry, I've been doing more blog reading than writing lately.
Last week I wasn't feeling as upbeat as usual! It was an eventful one:
The husband's company was fraud victims & they went bankrupt, he is currently still looking for a job, because all the ones he's been offered have not been quite what we want.
We ended up paying about $1600 for his tuition too this semester instead of the $400 it should have been.
The car broke down & some other awesome things.
But for everyone one of those "not so awesome"'s there has been a greater awesome.
My parents GAVE us that car, it has cupholders, powerlocking, heater, radio, automatic, and other awesome things.
Weston's Grandpa fixed the car for us & it is running again.
Weston is doing well in school & will be able to do his Wildfire firefighting this summer.
Weston's dad visited us the other night on his way back home from his Navy Drill Weekend in SLC and brought us bags and bags of groceries.
It was really really difficult when Weston lost his job, because we felt like it was hard to keep ends meeting while he had a job, but we know greater opportunities will come from his new job hunt!
If anyone is working somewhere that is looking for a hard-working, driven, positive & ambitious person to fill the shoes. Wes is all of those things & more.  All the jobs he has been offered have been 100% commission pay jobs...not what we're looking for right now.  We need steady & hourly wages.

I found us that awesome apartment that we can hopefully have when we live in Rexburg.  (Jerai, we'll be livin in Rexburg while Wes is finishing up his undergrad!)
And we have a ton of other awesome things happening.  For one, it's snowing really hard outside right now. The husband is going to be thrilled about that (me, not so much, but I'm glad he'll be happy, plus it's really pretty!)

Then life is also so awesome! I see all these cute little babies being born & lots more friends & family who's baby bumps are growing & I get so excited for them, & hope I'll be able to live near them after baby is born so I can play with the little baby, knowing I'll be working for a while before we hop into that chapter of our lives.  I also am considering an MPH.  I figure Weston will be going to Law School & I will have had a few years work experience in HOPEFULLY the public health field & I would love to get a Masters in Public Health.  We could go to grad school together!  UT has a great MS/MPH degree that I could do Nutrition & Public Health Masters simultaneously. 
also fun, I have my first Red Cross meeting tonight to start planning the Run4Red! Anyone in the Utah County area wanting to run a 5k in March should do this one, it's a great cause & a fun-run!  I'll give more information later!
Downside: I just found out I have a midterm this week I didn't know about.  Whoops. I need to open my planner more.
Bottom line: LG baby!



I am on a research team for school credit this semester. To say the least....I am so excited. our team met yesterday for the first time. I've got to say...I LOVE PUBLIC HEALTH! I love studying infectious diseases. & I love helping prevent health issues! Now. There was 1 thing exilerating & horrifying that Dr. Cole said at our meeting, "Graduation is 3 months from today."
I will be a Brigham Young University Graduate as of 3 months from yesterday!
Chyeah! Now if there would be a mass influx of people moving to Idaho in the next few months, that would rock, because then they would need more public health workers & I could actually find a job in my field...
In 3 months I will be doing this:& this...


that texting & driving is extremely dangerous.



no. way.

Yes, I saw someone wearing one of these.
She was 13 though, so I'll cut her some slack.
What's the big deal of seeing one?
They're not supposed to be seen.
You shouldn't be able to see through your hair to something shiny.
"Is her head sparkling?" xoxoitdidnotlooklikeseenontv


Good things!
I'm all about "living in the now."
BUT I am very excited for moving to Idaho if only for 1 thing, the apartment change.
We LOVE our little humble apartment. Now that it has blinds that stay closed, and an a/c and a grade 6 warmth bedspread.
This is my sorry attempt at painting our apt layout.
Nothing in it is to scale. On my homemade map the bathroom looks ridiculously small compared to the bedroom. The bathroom makes our bedroom look huge. The bedroom is a pretty good size. but literally. our bathroom can hold 2 people in it only if they are standing up completely straight and one stands directly behind the other to use the little 12"x6" mirror! bahah
My elbows touch the shower curtain and the wall when I wash my hair...I can't imagine how it is for Wes. It literally is the size of Space Shuttle showers.
Was that nerdy to say?
Well, don't make fun bc I grew up with Museum crazy parents. We actually had passes to all national museums in the U.S. at one point. I've been to Birmingham 5 too many times.
There's only so much to see at a Space Museum when you're 11. I usually stayed at the ride or the rock wall...
Too bad we don't have those now, bc I'd really like to go back!
THIS are the apartments that we're on a waiting list for in Idaho.
I will get an e-mail in April of the available apts & the first ones to call get the open apts for the fall...PRAY that we get one. They are an incredible rate. All utilities included. We have a w&d to put into it. & it has hookups. I'm ecstatic.
Everyone needs their first really poor, really broken, 500 sq. ft. apt phase of their married life. BUT now that we have money to be able to put toward a little more rent we are going to have a dishwasher and/or disposal. EITHER would be fantastic!
This apartment even has a tub with the shower! WOW, my legs don't get shaved nearly enough due to our tiny little scrawny shower! I can't bend to reach my toes!
Don't get me wrong though. My parents painted our front room & kitchen & touched up all of our trim for us. They put in shelves for us to have storage. At the time of needing an apartment Wes & I literally had a couple hundred dollars to our names. Apartments needed 1st month's rent, deposit & some even the last month's rent! I felt like I was going to have a melt-down finding an apartment. & then I found our beauty, which is about 20 minutes outside of provo, but the rent was cheap, the only utility we have to pay is electric & the deposit was $200, $50 of which she let me clean the apartment instead of hiring someone else to do it for her. So, it was the answer to prayers! Since, we moved our junk in right before the wedding & I missed the first 2 weeks of school bc of the wedding & Wes was working 2 jobs, it took us quite a while to get moved in, organized & such, but we have slowly but surely grown into this apartment & love it! Now & then we have to remind ourselves that, we are still pinching pennies, but have been able to build up a little savings account & been blessed monetarily in other ways as well.
We have loved our little, humble, old, creepy apartment, but we are also excited for the change!


Happy 2011!

So there are a couple main things I have not yet blogged about. Namely oh, the wedding. My bridal showers...other things like that such as a turn of a new year. A new decade!
Spence, Wes & I made bets on the population increase from the 2010 census. Spence won. That's a shocker. A new decade brings a whole new set of ambitions. I will be graduating, starting my career, moving on with my husband & holy cow I am so excited. There are things I will always try to remember, there are things I will always try to forget, but, best of all I'm leaving the past decade behind with no regrets! What an awesome feeling! Life has been busy. I have worked hard in school. I have plowed through & will be graduating in 4 years! I never thought that was possible! The light that started at the end of the tunnel is now a gaping doorway right in front of me! yeeeyah! Remember where you were in 2000? Think that THAT much progress will be made between now & 2020 as well & fly by just as fast! At work, Andria always brings up the time of month it is "Can you believe it is ALREADY the end of January?" Heck no, I cannot believe it. Time is f-l-y-i-n-g by! I'm so happy Wes isn't leaving anymore! Now check out my 2010 year in review! xoxoringinthenewyear!


Creative Juice Leak.

So, I've found that as the day goes & I've been on campus for over 13 hours my creative juices begin to drain from me. At an exponential pace. Like holy hannah, it is 9pm and the husband nor I have had our dindin. Thank goodness for crock pots. Ours happens to be from Ma & Pa Gardner!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It has saved my life. Now....once i can finally leave the library.... the husband is writing novels for his Pakistan class... Oh it's supposed to be short answer? Okay...then we should have been gone 2 hours ago! The Jeopardy theme song is playing in my mind. {counting down} to my exit to the car. for the 20 minute drive home. to dinner. a shower. and bed. Oh bed, I love you & don't get to rest on you nearly as much as I'd like! But thank you for your amazing comfort & polar warmth. xoxomyheadisdead. upside: I got a ton of free 1-800-CONTACTS loot from this awesome Rod Lacey guy who guest lectured in my Career Strategies class. Now I don't need to buy a new contact's case! SCORE.

My favorite

for those of you who don't know. I've worked at the BYU Student Health center for 2 years.
I take payments, schedule appointments & other fun secretary work.
My favorites are phone calls like these:
Me: "What's your date of birth?"
Pt: "Kevin"
Me: "Okay...and your date of birth?"


Small World

I ran across this photo & laughed to myself. It's a pretty small world. I took this at a Utah Flash game. It's essentially a pre-NBA team that my cousin Jordan plays on. The person dead center that we can only see the back of his head is Elder Anderson. He sealed Weston & I in the Salt Lake Temple & he is an Apostle of our church. Now the funny thing about all of this is the connections. President Anderson's son owns The Flash, Kristin's cousin is the Manager for The Flash and my cousin plays for the Flash. So we were lookin for Grandma & Grandpa Sellers, Elder Anderson & cheering on Jordan! Aunt Mary pointed him out to me & so I had to text this picture to my mom. She appreciated it!
Note to self: Don't ever forget your wallet. Necessities inside Wallet Debit Card BYU ID card I am inhibited in the following areas: Can't get my Nutrition book from Reserves Can't Pre-Wash my flannel at the dorms Can't pre-wash my flannel at a laundromat Can't fill out my Background Check for the RC Darn One day my brain will learn to actually remember things I tell it to. Argh xoxothegirlthathasahugetodolist,butpatheticallycan'tdoalotofthem


The duck vid inspired Weston to share another treasure. It seems boring at first, please stay tuned!


I sent this one to Kristin a shoutout for her future children.
She never texted back...?

Dallas Airport

Hahahah I got begged by the hubs.
How can you turn down that smile?

I was only slightly sheepish because of the enormous group around watching.


This was me studying for finals.
I sent that lovely picture to the husband. I was so so so sick. My eyes wouldn't take my contacts & were red & burning & I was supposed to give presentations & take exams.
It went really well.
No, really, it actually did

Would you rather freeze or die of heat?

Weston is constantly

hatin on me for buying the warmth grade 6 out of 6 from the Ikea down comforters. I have to admit, it's pretty warm. BUT I LOVE IT! Weston loves keeping the apartment freezing. He was meant to be a blanket hog I swear. However, the hot water pipes that warm our apartment fail to work in the front room where the thermastat is...so if I turn the heat on at night it WAY over compensates in our bedroom. So we wake up burning hot in the mornings. However, Weston is a blanket hog. So, the other night we kept the heat off & our apartment was freezing, he threw the blanket over on me, so like normal, I had both layers of the blanket on me. & he slept under the sheet. It was the worst night's sleep of my life. Weston must have been cold for the first time in our marriage. bc I woke up with a cold nose, fingers, toes, knees. EVERYTHING. I look down & there is not one sheet, blanket or any ounce of warmth besides my jammies. I WAS FROZE. I look over at him all snuggled up and toasty in the covers. Yeah try ripping the covers out of the clenched arms of a 6'4" 210 lbs. husband. Not happening. So, I tap, then jab, then shove until he gains enough consciousness to give some back only to have them all again an hour later. We now keep the heater on.

This is what I like to call the Starfish move. He prefers sleeping this way. Good thing I fit on that little 1/6 portion of the upper corner by the window. With the broken blinds. Which have been broken since the day we moved in. Which is why the maintenance man came. Who created some sort of awful smell in our apartment. Good thing those blinds are fixed & we won't need the maintenance man for a while.


What major is this for & where do I sign up?



I've finally found my Niece! Err wait... Niche! I've found my niche!
SO, I have been extremely stressed about this internship deal! The hunt in Nashville (where there are a TON of health businesses): Unsuccessful.
The hunt in Idaho: enough said.
Day 1 hunt in Provo. Find a list of internships available. Awesome! Deadlines are within a couple days for all of them...even more awesome. Slam the cover letter & resume on top of my work & school schedule, no biggie! :) Oh & the car is breaking down...the little RPM stick needle bounces with the car while Idling. Anyone know what that means? We went & got it diagnosed this week. Pray we make it to the repair!
ANYWAY. I finished my cover letter & revising my resume for the Red Cross internship position, the application was due tomorrow night. When Wes got off work, he came to campus, picked me up & raced me over to the redcross just as everyone was leaving. However, my wonderful lady was still there!
I walked in, talked to her, handed her my resume & cover letter she looked it over & gave me the position! I will be helping during the spring on different events they have coming up, but will do my full on 36-hour internship with them starting right after graduation & I will be in charge of the Clara Barton Society event and I will be teaching first aid, cpr & other classes. Holy macerole I AM SO EXCITED!
I have always dreamt of working with the Red Cross somehow.
I think it is such an honor. Is it super cheesey that I've always liked to be able to represent that big red cross? & to help people! & to serve! & to give my talents of comforting, listening, ambition, proactiveness and dependability! I am so very excited.
SO, hopefully I will be able to do my best for them & maybe I'll be benefited with it giving me an extra umph to my resume & helping me get hired full time in Idaho!
& from reading my Grandmother's blog. I just found out my Great-Grandmother Josie-Belle Folsom worked in the Red Cross too!


So, Kristin & I get together pretty regularly & so today I texted her to tell her when I'm coming over.
She said "SWEET :) I'M EXCITED!"
I thought "Wow, I am so happy she is so excited enough to use Caps!
bahah so much for that


Okay, I just cried laughing so hard at this.

I got this from my friend Mary's blog.

I just watched it & rewatched it in a torn sort of way. I wanted to pick them up and hold them while at the same time laughing hysterically simply because they're all walking fine & uninjured...


Condie Ricey

Yesterday this lovely lady came & spoke to BYU in a forum.
It was AMAZING. Wes took the afternoon off of work to catch up in school & we lucked out that he got to come too!
She is so inspiring. She talked about coming from Alabama in a black family and not being able to go to a restaurant when she was little bc of her color. She talks about her first white classmate wasn't until her family moved to Denver, Colorado. She talks about despite this, her parents raised her to believe that she is capable of becoming whatever she wants to be. She is a concert pianist. She went to her first 2 years of college for Piano Performance. She said though, that when 12 year olds came in & could sight-read a song she'd been practicing for a year she decided it's time she switch her major. Her parents told her "You better find a major, it's our money!"
She then took a class from a professor that was a Soviet Specialist. She said that's when she decided what she wanted to be. & that she became! Plus a little more.
It was the most inspiring forum! She has the biggest faith & family base & belief. She comes from a good strong family of believers.
She is hilarious & charismatic. She talks about how her sister-in-law studies Victorian literature, basically writes books about Dickens. So, she said, when people think she's strange about what she does as a black lady, she just points them on over to her Sister-in-law! haahaahhahah (I think that's the relationship) The main point to her message is that, no matter where you began, even if the most humblest of settings, that you can achieve whatever you want to.
She acknowledged the BYU atmosphere & the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a faith centered people. A people who like to learn, but integrate our knowledge & faith, instead of replacing one with the other. She said she believes in learning, it's something she learned from her parents & grandparents & so on. She said that she believes we can study to learn all that we can on human knowledge, but that there is even more, that we don't know yet, & that we won't know in the human realm.
It was an incredible lecture.
Going into it I know nothing of politics, I steer clear of that messy stuff. I prefer ignorance, even though that kills Wes. I hardly knew anything about Condoleeza Rice & had maybe seen a picture of her once, & knew she was a big deal in the government. That's all I knew. But I do know that she is a great person. A wonderful example to our nation & a fabulous person.


Our Plans: Just Don't Plan

That is the motto of the Brinkerhoff JR's.
From dating, to engagement to married life.
Every. Single. Bit.
Within the past week:
Weston is no longer shipping for the Navy.
It has been a heavy week at our house. He had no pressure from me in one way or the other. But simply because he isn't doing the Navy as a career, we decided it is not the thing for our family. It was so hard to go in and talk to the Navy Recruiters that have been working so diligently and hard for him this past couple years as he has worked with them to become a SEAL & due to inspiration dropped that dream he has always had. That one was extremely uneasy, because the Navy officers gave him such a hard time because he was the "perfect candidate for the SEALs." He had the physical prowess, leadership skills, & quick decision making abilities. He had the will-power of the little toaster & the drive of an ox. But he forewent that dream. Since then he was reassigned as a Medic in the Navy for the Marine Corps. I can tell you, if anything, he was excited to wear that uniform & carry the burden of the safety of the U.S. on his shoulders. He anticipated it & was very excited. His dream has always been to be in the Navy. & I can tell you, it was an intense decision for him to switch from such a cool, exciting & intense job to choose what he has over that. He is now enrolled as a full-time online student. I don't know how he does it. He enrolled a week late, is getting caught up, all the while working full time. & trying to understand how the weird online classes work. Especially when we don't have internet at his apartment. I try to help him the best I can.
We decided for him to take classes this semester & defer next semester to go back to his wildland firefighting in the summer. We decided to go to Idaho for this. Found an apartment we wanted & I started researching Idaho internships instead of the Nashville ones. Do people even live in Idaho? Jk Diana... :) Anyways, now the final word (as of right this second) We are now staying in Provo, keeping our current apartment contract & I will do my internship here. I have internship applications that I found today due in the next couple days that seem like completely amazing opportunities! I am shooting for these! Wish me luck! & since we're staying here, there are a few more sewing classes that I want to take...so I may take classes, do an internship & work this summer. Who knows! The opportunities are ENDLESS! The doors are wide open! & heaven knows our plans blow with the wind!
Gotta stay flexible so we keep bending & don't just snap!


Opryland Hotel

After the Ice Display we went & walked around the Opryland Hotel!
It was all Christmas-fied!
Luckily for us, it had just been opened for a couple weeks after having been closed since the Nashville Flood in May.
Dad looking surprised bahah Momma, Punky & Grandmother
The Hubs & I!
It was stripe night, apparently.


"Women of New York, frost yourselves!"

Over Christmas we hit up the Gaylord Ice show. no words to explain except INCREDIBLE. Everything was Ice!

So it was -6F in there to keep everything frozen. It was over 2 million pounds of Ice.

& I wore these puppies.

All I have to say: I am not meant for cold weather.

Why I love this photo: Dad's eyes are shut. Dad's eyes are ALWAYS shut in pictures. Even when he's the one counting down to the photo or something...and just never learned the right timing? not sure, but it's hilarious. I wish we had all the Christmas Card attempts from year one until forever. Because the ONE picture that everyone is looking & smiling is the one that dad is smiling towards the camera, looking at his eyelids. I love my dad!

My cute parents!
Kris Kringle, we need you!
hahahahWe knew our bills would somehow find us!
Me & Punky
The hubs & I Why do I look so happy in prison?
Pa & Ma, Me & The Mr.
Tunnel vissssssion
Aw, we got iced!
The family in front of the Nativity.
Thank you Nashville for keeping Christ in Christmas.
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