"Women of New York, frost yourselves!"

Over Christmas we hit up the Gaylord Ice show. no words to explain except INCREDIBLE. Everything was Ice!

So it was -6F in there to keep everything frozen. It was over 2 million pounds of Ice.

& I wore these puppies.

All I have to say: I am not meant for cold weather.

Why I love this photo: Dad's eyes are shut. Dad's eyes are ALWAYS shut in pictures. Even when he's the one counting down to the photo or something...and just never learned the right timing? not sure, but it's hilarious. I wish we had all the Christmas Card attempts from year one until forever. Because the ONE picture that everyone is looking & smiling is the one that dad is smiling towards the camera, looking at his eyelids. I love my dad!

My cute parents!
Kris Kringle, we need you!
hahahahWe knew our bills would somehow find us!
Me & Punky
The hubs & I Why do I look so happy in prison?
Pa & Ma, Me & The Mr.
Tunnel vissssssion
Aw, we got iced!
The family in front of the Nativity.
Thank you Nashville for keeping Christ in Christmas.


  1. Rachel, you just did a super duper job of writing up that experience! It was just a fun, fun read and enjoyed the photos so much, too! I really got a kick out of the stack of bills finding you, especially since I've been into that nasty stack of mine today. Just LOVED this entry!

  2. Awesome post, Rachel! I loved looking at this and I'll probably look at it a few more times! lol! What a fun, but cold, night that was! Oh and don't forget that some of Dad's more famous pictures have him talking too! hmmm... Thanks for taking the time!

  3. Haha, I love your title for this post! It's perfect. :)

  4. Ahhh I remember going to this when we lived there!! It was so awesome!

  5. Um, whats up with all the smurf coats??


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