(& the dream came after she got the machine for me! & my mom & I have even gotten some puzzle time in!)
I LOVE my sewing machine! & it's dental scrub green accents. but honestly it rocks. I've played with it a little & am looking forward to it being a good husband to me this semester along with my homework, classes & work!
The best part is that AWESOME sewing apron my mom made for me too! It's simply amazing. I also got the most adorable sewing case. Happy as a clam & spoiled as can be...YEP, that's me! & even better, I am still in Tennessee! More news on that lata!



  1. I love it! I'm looking at beginner sewing machines right now- there are so many cute sewing blogs that make me wish I knew how to sew. Where did you get your cute sewing case?

  2. JoAnn's! But I think they were a special, because when we were there this week, my mom showed them to me & all the super cute ones were gone. They're awesome! & i HIGHLY recommend getting one! I'm excited to get it all set up back at school...the husband isn't quite looking forward to me taking over the desk yet... :)

  3. Your Mother got so much joy in planning your Christmas, too, and doing the groundwork! I'm glad you were surprised, Rachel!


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