2011 is so good to me!

Sunday drives are my absolute favorites.  Utah has some beautiful hidden beauties in the canyons.

 One week we had fun & made calzones for dinner a few nights that week...as embarrassing as it was, we had all the material & it was really fun...not 1 of them turned out the same!

The Calzone was about as big as me. & this is before it was cooked! Wes eats about 3/4....having such a big eater husband turns out good & bad
 Pathetic that most of this post is about food, but we went to P.F. Changs with some wedding gift cards to celebrate having Wes for about 3 weeks more. (When he was still going into the Navy)

Excited to be out on a date!

Happy he gets to eat lots of food.

Just ignore that I'm holding his hand weirdly.  It was such a fun night out.

The Headband I made!
We took a trip down to Emery & Wayne Counties to move his parents in with Grandpa Brink.
Papa Dave loading up the last trailer heading to Wayne.  He thought this looked a little redneck. hahahah

Wes, Uncle Reed, Momma Joan, & Grandpa Stevens

Wes & I in Springville Canyon

hahah I jumped a little too high on this one & right before this picture took I almost flipped over his shoulders.
Sorry these are the only pictures I have right now!  It has been a busy & fun few weeks in this new year!


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  1. Awesome post! LOVE LOVE all the great pictures, Rachel! So cute...also so glad you didn't flip onto your head on that last picture! I love that Joan's wearing the Nashville tshirt, I love that Weston is always in the snow/cold in a short sleeved tshirt, I love your headband (as you know) and most of all..I love you!! (o.k. cheesy but so true!)


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