Decisions Decisions

Sorry, I've been doing more blog reading than writing lately.
Last week I wasn't feeling as upbeat as usual! It was an eventful one:
The husband's company was fraud victims & they went bankrupt, he is currently still looking for a job, because all the ones he's been offered have not been quite what we want.
We ended up paying about $1600 for his tuition too this semester instead of the $400 it should have been.
The car broke down & some other awesome things.
But for everyone one of those "not so awesome"'s there has been a greater awesome.
My parents GAVE us that car, it has cupholders, powerlocking, heater, radio, automatic, and other awesome things.
Weston's Grandpa fixed the car for us & it is running again.
Weston is doing well in school & will be able to do his Wildfire firefighting this summer.
Weston's dad visited us the other night on his way back home from his Navy Drill Weekend in SLC and brought us bags and bags of groceries.
It was really really difficult when Weston lost his job, because we felt like it was hard to keep ends meeting while he had a job, but we know greater opportunities will come from his new job hunt!
If anyone is working somewhere that is looking for a hard-working, driven, positive & ambitious person to fill the shoes. Wes is all of those things & more.  All the jobs he has been offered have been 100% commission pay jobs...not what we're looking for right now.  We need steady & hourly wages.

I found us that awesome apartment that we can hopefully have when we live in Rexburg.  (Jerai, we'll be livin in Rexburg while Wes is finishing up his undergrad!)
And we have a ton of other awesome things happening.  For one, it's snowing really hard outside right now. The husband is going to be thrilled about that (me, not so much, but I'm glad he'll be happy, plus it's really pretty!)

Then life is also so awesome! I see all these cute little babies being born & lots more friends & family who's baby bumps are growing & I get so excited for them, & hope I'll be able to live near them after baby is born so I can play with the little baby, knowing I'll be working for a while before we hop into that chapter of our lives.  I also am considering an MPH.  I figure Weston will be going to Law School & I will have had a few years work experience in HOPEFULLY the public health field & I would love to get a Masters in Public Health.  We could go to grad school together!  UT has a great MS/MPH degree that I could do Nutrition & Public Health Masters simultaneously. 
also fun, I have my first Red Cross meeting tonight to start planning the Run4Red! Anyone in the Utah County area wanting to run a 5k in March should do this one, it's a great cause & a fun-run!  I'll give more information later!
Downside: I just found out I have a midterm this week I didn't know about.  Whoops. I need to open my planner more.
Bottom line: LG baby!


  1. Great post! Gratitude and recognizing blessings is a great quality...you are good at that Rachel! There are always always blessings in our lives-even during rocky times! Happy for you!

  2. You know, I have a baby you can come play with anytime! Haha. And those calzones look SO SO good!! I miss you and I hope you are doing so good and loving married life!


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