Would you rather freeze or die of heat?

Weston is constantly

hatin on me for buying the warmth grade 6 out of 6 from the Ikea down comforters. I have to admit, it's pretty warm. BUT I LOVE IT! Weston loves keeping the apartment freezing. He was meant to be a blanket hog I swear. However, the hot water pipes that warm our apartment fail to work in the front room where the thermastat is...so if I turn the heat on at night it WAY over compensates in our bedroom. So we wake up burning hot in the mornings. However, Weston is a blanket hog. So, the other night we kept the heat off & our apartment was freezing, he threw the blanket over on me, so like normal, I had both layers of the blanket on me. & he slept under the sheet. It was the worst night's sleep of my life. Weston must have been cold for the first time in our marriage. bc I woke up with a cold nose, fingers, toes, knees. EVERYTHING. I look down & there is not one sheet, blanket or any ounce of warmth besides my jammies. I WAS FROZE. I look over at him all snuggled up and toasty in the covers. Yeah try ripping the covers out of the clenched arms of a 6'4" 210 lbs. husband. Not happening. So, I tap, then jab, then shove until he gains enough consciousness to give some back only to have them all again an hour later. We now keep the heater on.

This is what I like to call the Starfish move. He prefers sleeping this way. Good thing I fit on that little 1/6 portion of the upper corner by the window. With the broken blinds. Which have been broken since the day we moved in. Which is why the maintenance man came. Who created some sort of awful smell in our apartment. Good thing those blinds are fixed & we won't need the maintenance man for a while.



  1. So funny, the anonymous man who takes up the entire bed! Glad you got the blinds fixed--crazy people out there!

  2. Dear Rachel, I had a solution to your problem. Chris and I had the same problem, in fact the same thing would happen in our apartment because our thermostat was out in our family room next to the big window that made the family room freezing, but then our bedroom would get unbearably hot. AND chris is also a blanket hog (and so am i...)! SO to fix this problem we actually sleep with separate blankets so we can both snuggle and wrap ourselves up tight in the covers without disturbing the other. We got a LOT more sleep this way. :) just saying...

  3. That picture CRACKS me up! OBVIOUSLY, Weston didn't learn how to share in kindygarten...so so funny! Good luck with that Rachel! Ha!

  4. Oh and to answer your question...i'd rather freeze!

  5. bahahaha! Josh and I are always fighting for covers in the middle of the winter too. So I put two quilts on the bed, it ups my chances of keeping one. Also this pic of Weston sleeping reminds me of that nyquil commercial with Drew Brees. lol


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