Prison orange is in, right?

So I got a ticket in November on our way to my inlaws for Thanksgiving.
My first speeding ticket EVER.
& the first time I've ever been pulled over for speeding.
Anyways, I wasn't given a copy of the citation, just an info sheet with the county office # for how to pay the ticket. I discussed w/ my UHP father-in-law what I should do about it. He said to ask for a plea & obeyance.  Basically I pay the ticket plus a fee & then it's wiped of my record so we won't have to pay more on our car insurance.  So I had 14 days to call the county office about it. I called them with in the 14.  So, I was good.  I was told I needed to speak to a specific lady attourney, she was in court that day, but they'd leave a message for her to call me when she's back in her office.  I never heard from her. SO, I called her a few weeks ago. I told her that someone said they'd leave a note, but I guess it never got to her, because I never heard from her.  She said she probably just hadn't gotten to it yet. She was nice. We discussed my clean driving record & about my options. There was no community service option, so I did the plea & obeyance. She said she'd do the paperwork & mail it to my Springville address.  We verified the address a couple times & it was totally correct.  I realized this week & thought, "Hmm...I just realized I never got that information in the mail from Mrs. Jackson in Millard County..."  But then I thought maybe the paperwork just took a while to do, I wasn't concerned, because I talked to her.
Then last night the husband & I are watching Andre. One of my favorite movies of all time. I cry every time.
I get a call from my mom in the middle of the movie. I was working on my sewing project & just about to get my elastic waistband through the hole when she called. So, I didn't answer. Then she texted me. After I got the waistband done I checked my phone. Awesome, this is the text I get, " Rachel...I got a horrible letter in the mail for you today about your ticket back in november. did you forget about that? looks like your license is suspended or that they can come and arrest you!"
I called her back. She read me the letter. I freaked out. But it was about 9:30 so the county offices were closed so I called them today.
I called the office that Kayla Jackson, the attourney for the city that I'd been working with transferred offices. Awesome.
And that she doesnt work there except MTW. And the lady said she didn't have any notes that Kayla had spoken with me or anything.  So, the lady gave me the number to the office Kayla now worked for.
I called it.  & Mrs. Grumpy-Mcgee answered the phone. I told her the situation.
She asked,"Well, if you spoke with her & didn't get anything in the mail how come you didn't call before now?"
"Because I forgot!"
& she just scoffed at me. I was so offended. I thought 'Sorry lady that I don't work in your court office and that I have work, school, internship interviews & meetings, job searches & interviews, school work, studying & a LIFE! & I'm sorry that I actually depend on people to do what they say they are going to do, and thought that the paperwork would actually COME!'
but I didn't say any of that. I just asked her if there was someone I could talk to or if there was anything to do to take care of it before Kayla is in.
Her response: "Well, the only person that can take care of it is Kayla, so you'll have to call on Monday, most likely there is a warrant out for your arrest already, so you'll just have to call on Monday."
"uhh...that's really serious, is there anyone I can talk to work this out"
"The state is closed on Friday so there's nothing you can do about it anyway?"
I extremely disliked that lady at that moment. 
I think that state or county job applications should have the following question:
"Do you have a heart?"
Thank you so much for being so helpful and actually caring about other people. She needs a new job. or to be unemployed, I wouldn't mind that either, because apparently she isn't good at the job she currently has & helping the public.  I'm sad my ticket money is going to pay her her paycheck.
SO, currently I'm in hiding & figure it's probably best if i stay away from home, so they don't hunt me down at my Springville address. I hope no one knocks on my door before now & Monday morning & takes me out in cuffs. Otherwise this will be my weekend attire:

Of course, maybe I'd be bunking with someone like this.  I'll know not to tell her my boring sob story though.

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  1. HILARIOUS (only cause I know the ending of this very scaaary story!)! I LOVED the job description part "do you have a heart"!!!! I'm with you 100% on that! What's wrong with people sometimes??? Absolutely no/none/zilch empathy!! WOW!


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