Career Fair

So, today was the career fair.  I'm in a Career Strategies class that is required for my major.  It's STDV317.  I was skeptical of the awesomeness of this required course, but have loved EVERY lecture & highly recommend it to anyone in their last semester! Seriously!  
Anyway, so today was BYU's career fair.  It was required for the class that we go. I did research on all the companies that would be present & was a little flustered, because there were none in Idaho state, where I will be next year.  There were a ton of cool companies I would have loved to work for though.  So, there was only 1 company there that seemed to be in my field & it was the Melaleuca Wellness Company.  However, they were hiring for sales positions and other things. I'm aiming more towards the worksite wellness field.
Anyway, I did my research & wanted to talk to them, simply because their headquarters are in Idaho Falls.  I introduced myself to the guy standing there, I told him my interests & asked if their headquarters had any worksite wellness programs going on.  He explained their system to me, and how it works.  He asked me some questions about my experience, interests, etc.

Anyway, they have a work-site wellness through their own company, but he asked me if I'd be interested in another position that would fit me well.  He gave me more information about it & we talked for a minute more & he asked for my resume & asked me to interview with them tomorrow.  Backpacks weren't allowed inside, so I ran out ran to my backpack, got everything in order, brought my resume to him & he introduced me to their training woman.  I talked with her a little more about my leadership experience, ya dee ya....BASICALLY, I interview with them tomorrow & couldn't be more thrilled!
I literally went to that fair with the attitude that I'd love to get more information about these company's career opportunities, with the frustrations that only 2 of the companies were present in Idaho within a 2 hour range of Rexburg. & I was offered an interview! HOLY COWWWW!!!! I am so ecstatic!
The husband is still on the job search, but is interviewing with a couple places tomorrow & it is looking promising!

p.s. if Wes does end up landing a career or school in/near D.C. I am interested in applying for the FBI....it looks completely interesting!


  1. My mother-in-law works for Melalueca (however it's spelt), and she loves it!!!!!

  2. half my ward works for melaleuca. seems like a great place! we love them for their fireworks show every fourth of july.
    p.s. i live with janet! she totally remembers you! she recognized you (i was blog stalking one day) and asked how I knew you. haha funny story!

  3. Rachel, very intersting post and congrats for landing the interview and thinking on your feet! I believe that was the company that Stephanie worked for in Idaho if I'm not mistaken so ask her. Also, Aunt Kathy worked for the FBI in D.C. many moons ago. Good luck on your interview tomorrow, Sweetheart!

  4. Yay D! I'm so happy ya'll know eachother... we definitely died laughin in that class, she's so much fun & so are you...i bet ya'll get in a lot of trouble! & Grandmother, that is AWESOME! I'll have to talk to her about it when I see her on Sunday!& that's sweet Sami :)


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