Small World

I ran across this photo & laughed to myself. It's a pretty small world. I took this at a Utah Flash game. It's essentially a pre-NBA team that my cousin Jordan plays on. The person dead center that we can only see the back of his head is Elder Anderson. He sealed Weston & I in the Salt Lake Temple & he is an Apostle of our church. Now the funny thing about all of this is the connections. President Anderson's son owns The Flash, Kristin's cousin is the Manager for The Flash and my cousin plays for the Flash. So we were lookin for Grandma & Grandpa Sellers, Elder Anderson & cheering on Jordan! Aunt Mary pointed him out to me & so I had to text this picture to my mom. She appreciated it!

1 comment:

  1. This "small world" coincidence just HAD to be documented! Well done, Rach!


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