Life: The real kind, the game kind, and the cereal kind.

Old Life
New Life
Wes & I finally pulled out our new Life game last night.  Dannielle and Parker gave it to us as a wedding gift along w/ some movies, candy & popcorn. It was a date night. Cutest gift ever.
Anyway, so Wes & I pulled it out yesterday afternoon.

It was so fun. & scarily close to real life.

Old Life had a career, a house & some other finer things.  New Life has bank loans, Student debt, Career, College Career, Starter Home, House, and other more intense cards attached.

We called it quits so we'd make it to Aunt Kathy's on time. All in all it was a fun game & I'm excited for next Sunday when we'll have time to play again!

Real life is better than the game. & comes in a very awesome tie with my fave kind of cereal. LIFE!  Yummo!

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  1. What and interesting post that was, Rachel! I read it earlier but just now commenting. Movies and games today reflect more realism than say in the 40's and 50's and even later. I don't know what that says about the future since there is soooo much violence in our entertainment today. Lots of it in the middle east for sure, in Egypt and elsewhere. Anyway, I am glad you guys have found something fun to do with out it costing big bucks. Everything seems to cost big bucks today! Love you and Weston!


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