Don't worry, I'm almost all packed.

I leave for the airport in about an hour!
But I think I'm trying to believe that if I don't go to sleep I don't have to leave.
This Christmas break has been incredible.
I have blogged a ton, but promise I have a ton more ahead.
I don't want to leave my family. But, it's back to work, school & real life, I guess!
But seriously, I wouldn't change a single day of this entire break.
I was able to kick my cold & get well enough to go visit my friend who is battling Leukemia & trying to recover from a stroke she had due to the chemo. She's my age. It was a really interesting experience. I was so happy to be there for her, but was fighting back a sob the entire time.
I got to see different groups of high school friends & it was so fun to catch up!
More importantly, I got to spend an incredible amount of time with my husband & family. Which was extremely important, because we don't hardly get any of that.
We went to the Gaylord Ice tour. Simply awesome.
We took the husband around some Civil War awesomeness. Just to fill you in, the battle of Franklin is known as the bloodiest day in the civil war & referred to in Gone with the Wind :) it was an unexpected battle as the yankees & south were both heading to take over Nashville, but ran into eachother in Franklin.
We played a gazillion hours of games!
We watched a million episodes of 48 Hours. In high school, my mom, sister & I would DVR it & gather up with popcorn late on Saturday nights to watch it after we all got home. My mom still records & saves every episode & we watch the ones we haven't seen over Christmas or in the summertime. It's one of my favorite traditions.
We ate lots of food.
We ran.
We played lots more games.
New Years Eve Bowl. Yes, I was quarter back. Yes I was the other team's MVP.
We puzzled.
We dirty santa'd.
We shopped.
We laughed.
& the entire time home was so amazing. I love being home with my husband & entire family.
We haven't had that since last Christmas. & back then & i just skyped every night with my now husband. Wow my life is amazing. 2010 I married the man of my dreams. I have the most amazing parents that flew my husband & I home for Christmas. & then spoiled us will all sorts of fun gifts! I got college figured out. I did really well on grades this last semester, despite living forever far from campus, missing the first 2 weeks of classes due to my mawiage, being incredibly dirt poor, & having the cutest husband ever to distract me. For some reason he's way more interesting than school. This year I went through 3 sets of roomates before getting to my 4th, eternal & favorite one of all! No hard feelings, I just stayed in Provo the whole time while some left for summer & some left for spring/summer. :) I just realized I've lived with a lot of different people this year!
Now onto more life changing events. Searching for an internship that will hopefully be able to hire me on full-time as a career woman afterwards. One dilemma...the internship will be in Nashville while I'm home this summer & the job will be in Rexburg or wherever the husband decides to continue his education. So, it'll probably be the Red Cross or something!
Our 48 hrs sessions look something like this!



  1. CAUGHT!! Go to bed! lol Wow, do I miss you guys! This is the worst part of it all...the end of it! So grateful you are apart of our eternal family...you and your sweet husband! We are blessed, aren't we?

  2. This makes me so happy for all of you!


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