I've finally found my Niece! Err wait... Niche! I've found my niche!
SO, I have been extremely stressed about this internship deal! The hunt in Nashville (where there are a TON of health businesses): Unsuccessful.
The hunt in Idaho: enough said.
Day 1 hunt in Provo. Find a list of internships available. Awesome! Deadlines are within a couple days for all of them...even more awesome. Slam the cover letter & resume on top of my work & school schedule, no biggie! :) Oh & the car is breaking down...the little RPM stick needle bounces with the car while Idling. Anyone know what that means? We went & got it diagnosed this week. Pray we make it to the repair!
ANYWAY. I finished my cover letter & revising my resume for the Red Cross internship position, the application was due tomorrow night. When Wes got off work, he came to campus, picked me up & raced me over to the redcross just as everyone was leaving. However, my wonderful lady was still there!
I walked in, talked to her, handed her my resume & cover letter she looked it over & gave me the position! I will be helping during the spring on different events they have coming up, but will do my full on 36-hour internship with them starting right after graduation & I will be in charge of the Clara Barton Society event and I will be teaching first aid, cpr & other classes. Holy macerole I AM SO EXCITED!
I have always dreamt of working with the Red Cross somehow.
I think it is such an honor. Is it super cheesey that I've always liked to be able to represent that big red cross? & to help people! & to serve! & to give my talents of comforting, listening, ambition, proactiveness and dependability! I am so very excited.
SO, hopefully I will be able to do my best for them & maybe I'll be benefited with it giving me an extra umph to my resume & helping me get hired full time in Idaho!
& from reading my Grandmother's blog. I just found out my Great-Grandmother Josie-Belle Folsom worked in the Red Cross too!


  1. Your Great Grandmother was the executive secretary for them. She was the contact person for men in the military who needed help. She was perfect for the job. I wish I knew how long she worked for them. I will have to ask around. I am just thrilled for you to have landed this job, Rachel and hope you enjoy it a lot!

  2. girl! this is SO bomb!!!! i want to hear more about it from you! :) you are incredible. just incredible.


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