So these are my 2 favorite 90s movies.

Wes & I watched Andre last night & whenever I see a 90s movie again I talk about this, but back in the 90s movies most people didn't look perfect.
In Andre, the brother & sister always bicker & they're an average, happy family.
Movies today don't portray happy families.
They show either a family with kids & the family always seems crazy, and the "normal" people in the movies are always single, living with their boyfriend, or happily sleeping around. Great standards today's movies have.
Of course there are still great movies like 'Daddy's little girls' or 'Dan in Real Life', etc, but I'm just speaking for overall.
But also the dad in Andre is scrawny, with a comb-over and yellow teeth.  I think it's awesome!  They are average, still beautiful & handsome people, but naturally.  I miss that about those movies.  The people are more realistic.  The actors & actresses didn't lead teens, young adults or even adults to aspire to look like people who have had a boob job or a face lift or botox or anything like that.  Everyone looked different instead of trying to fit their bodies & faces into a cookie cutter placquered.


  1. i like watching attractive people more... haha no, but seriously.

  2. I *loved* Andre as a kid. I used to pretend I was as seal in the bathtub. Awkward? Nahhh.


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