Our Plans: Just Don't Plan

That is the motto of the Brinkerhoff JR's.
From dating, to engagement to married life.
Every. Single. Bit.
Within the past week:
Weston is no longer shipping for the Navy.
It has been a heavy week at our house. He had no pressure from me in one way or the other. But simply because he isn't doing the Navy as a career, we decided it is not the thing for our family. It was so hard to go in and talk to the Navy Recruiters that have been working so diligently and hard for him this past couple years as he has worked with them to become a SEAL & due to inspiration dropped that dream he has always had. That one was extremely uneasy, because the Navy officers gave him such a hard time because he was the "perfect candidate for the SEALs." He had the physical prowess, leadership skills, & quick decision making abilities. He had the will-power of the little toaster & the drive of an ox. But he forewent that dream. Since then he was reassigned as a Medic in the Navy for the Marine Corps. I can tell you, if anything, he was excited to wear that uniform & carry the burden of the safety of the U.S. on his shoulders. He anticipated it & was very excited. His dream has always been to be in the Navy. & I can tell you, it was an intense decision for him to switch from such a cool, exciting & intense job to choose what he has over that. He is now enrolled as a full-time online student. I don't know how he does it. He enrolled a week late, is getting caught up, all the while working full time. & trying to understand how the weird online classes work. Especially when we don't have internet at his apartment. I try to help him the best I can.
We decided for him to take classes this semester & defer next semester to go back to his wildland firefighting in the summer. We decided to go to Idaho for this. Found an apartment we wanted & I started researching Idaho internships instead of the Nashville ones. Do people even live in Idaho? Jk Diana... :) Anyways, now the final word (as of right this second) We are now staying in Provo, keeping our current apartment contract & I will do my internship here. I have internship applications that I found today due in the next couple days that seem like completely amazing opportunities! I am shooting for these! Wish me luck! & since we're staying here, there are a few more sewing classes that I want to take...so I may take classes, do an internship & work this summer. Who knows! The opportunities are ENDLESS! The doors are wide open! & heaven knows our plans blow with the wind!
Gotta stay flexible so we keep bending & don't just snap!


  1. Hip hip hooray! So glad Weston is taking a bit safer approach to life...we'd like to have him around a long long time! Love you!!

  2. Hey Rach, Steph has been taking online through byui for the last couple of years so she is the expert if you need help navigating the system. I know what you mean though, I've had a time figure out the byu independent study thing. Excited to hear that Weston will be safe in Provo with YOU a little longer and really excited that you will have more time with Kristin too!! Love, Auntie Julie

  3. That was so interesting and really great to get an idea how things are working out for you, Rachel and Weston. I watch you bloom where you are planted wherever you are and it is thrilling to watch how things unfold for you guys! There is a great future just waiting for you out there! In the meantime, just savor the present and love every minute of it with your sweetheart! It is a beautiful thing, two hearts blended as one pursuing your lifes' dreams! Love you both! Grams xxxooo

  4. Rachy! I could totally help Weston out if he needs it. I know they just switched from I-learn to Brain Honey, but they are pretty similar and I've gotten it pretty much figured out. What class/teachers does he have? If he has to take a religion class I HIGHLY recommend Brother Pyper, He stinkin rocks!


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